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This one’s for you Dad

This one’s for you Dad!

Father’s Day has gotten a bad rap! Think about it for just a moment. Mother’s Day takes place in May. School is winding down and teachers (particularly elementary teachers) are looking for assignments to close the year down following state testing. Designing cute little cards or projects around Mother’s Day can eat up a good bit of time, keep students motivated, and make mom’s feel good all at once. However, Father’s Day takes place in June. School is out so no assignments for the dads!

So, it’s time to even up the game….a little. I’ve decided to complete a Father’s Day project for my Dad based on a series of writing prompts. My former co-workers in the CHS English Department know all about “prompts” as I’m sure other teachers do as well. Some of the responses below have had lots of thought put into them. Others, not so much. Some are serious while others are not. Regardless, this one’s for you Dad!

Dads are special because they teach you how to hunt, fish, play ball and introduce you to rabbit tobacco.

If my dad was a superhero, his power would be the ability to fix anything. Electrical and wiring can get a little sketchy though….

I admire my dad because he is the best man I know. Not everyone can say this but I can without hesitation.

When I think of my dad I think of honesty, integrity and dependability.

When I need help with removing a snake from my screened in front porch I call my dad. He even has a special “grabbing” tool he uses. However, when it comes to removing bats from my upstairs bedroom, mom was more useful. The joys of living in a cabin in the woods….

I inherited my common sense from my Dad. My mom would argue this point.

My dad is the kind of person who will help anyone for any reason.

The most important thing a dad can do is provide for the physical, emotional, and spiritual care of his family.

When I was younger, I always felt good whenever my dad simply walked into the room. His physical presence always meant safety wherever we were.

My favorite memory with my dad is impossible to choose. Ball games in the yard, wrestling matches in hotel rooms, walks in the woods, and afternoon drives on dirt roads. Those are just a few….

People that know my dad respect him and his lifestyle. I have never heard anyone speak a negative word about him.

My dad is very good at playing the piano. He has played at our church for well over 50 years. He always argues that he just “bangs on the keys” but people who have heard him know better. His talent and special style are amazing.

I appreciate my dad most when he offers up simple words of encouragement during difficult times.

I remember the time when my dad and I rode all the way to Chattanooga and never said a word to one another. And this was back before cell phones and tablets. We were not mad, we just didn’t talk. You don’t necessarily have to speak to be close to someone.

If I asked my dad about being a father, he would say that he is the one who is blessed. I am 100 percent sure that this answer is correct.

My dad’s prized possession is his “hot rod”. I had to mention it so I could sneak in a picture. He even checks up on it and tucks it in each night before bed.

My dad always tells the story about when he was late picking my mom up when they were dating because his sow was giving birth to piglets. Or maybe that is her that is always talking about that one.

The most important lesson my dad taught me was being kind to others and treating them the way I want to be treated myself.

I love you Dad! And thanks for keeping my yard mowed……

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Shane Tucker is a guest columnist for All on Georgia. He is a retired teacher, ultra runner, and life-long resident of Chattooga County. He is also a member of Alpine Community Church and enjoys hiking/running with Cookie, the rescued Basset-Lab.

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