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Chattooga Local Spotlight

Miss Chattooga County 2020 Winners

Miss Chattooga County 2020 Winners

Baby Miss

Pro Roof GA

Prettiest Eyes: Ayla Elanna Baker

Best Personality: Kaylee Elizabeth Gibbs

Prettiest Hair: Aubree Jarenn Tatum Lee

Prettiest Smile: Lenora Hattie Rowland

Miss Photogenic: Waverly Grace Daggett

People’s Choice: Aubree Jarenn Tatum Lee

2nd Runner Up: Rayna Leigh Price

1st Runner Up: Kaylee Elizabeth Gibbs

Winner: Sutton Grace Blackwell


Tiny Miss

Prettiest Eyes: Aubrey Blair Lewis

Best Personality: Sadie Diane Middleton

Prettiest Hair: Kashton Lawson

Prettiest Smile: Kashton Lawson

Miss Photogenic: Addyson Faith Wolford

People’s Choice: Aubrey Blair Lewis

2nd Runner Up: Sadie Diane Middleton

1st Runner Up: Katelyn Crabtree

Winner: Scarlett Worley


Toddler Miss

Prettiest Eyes: Leela June Payton

Best Personality: Scarlet Grace Seegar

Prettiest Hair: Aurora Gianna Covington

Prettiest Smile: Mayla Claire Covington

Miss Photogenic: Kennedy Lee

People’s Choice: Nora June Marshall

2nd Runner Up: Scarlet Grace Seegar

1st Runner Up: Nora June Marshall

Winner: Leela June Payton

Petite Miss

Prettiest Eyes: Chloe Anniston Lassetter

Best Personality: Brinleigh Rhinehart

Prettiest Hair: Chloe Michell Floyd

Prettiest Smile: Sadie Ryan Murphy

Miss Photogenic: Sadie Ryan Murphy

People’s Choice: Sadie Rae Goodson

2nd Runner Up: Alizabeth Nicole Housch

1st Runner Up: Sadie Ryan Murphy

Winner: Blakely LeAnn Wilcox


Little Miss

Prettiest Eyes: Kadence Rhinehart

Best Personality:Kadence Rhinehart

Prettiest Hair: Janiecia Jackson

Prettiest Smile: Molly Denise Word

Miss Photogenic: Remi Willow Payton

People’s Choice: Kadence Rhinehart

2nd Runner Up: Molly Denise Word

1st Runner Up: Remi Willow Payton

Winner: Jazlyn Parker


Young Miss

Prettiest Eyes: Alysia Ember White

Best Personality: Emma  Kate Veatch

Prettiest Hair: Paityn Janssen Williams

Prettiest Smile: Ella Joy Veatch

Miss Photogenic: Khloe Brielle Saade

People’s Choice: Sydney Blake Crane

2nd Runner Up: Addison Marie Elrod

1st Runner Up: Paityn Janssen Williams

Winner: Ella Joy Veatch


Preteen Miss

Prettiest Eyes: Payton Kellett Weaver

Best Personality: Demya Williams

Prettiest Hair: Preslee Conner Hurley

Prettiest Smile: Addie Mae Veatch

Miss Photogenic: Preslee Conner Hurley

People’s Choice: Anna Rose Riggs

2nd Runner Up: Demya Williams

1st Runner Up: Addie Mae Veatch

Winner: Preslee Conner Hurley


Junior Miss

Prettiest Eyes: Victoria Ward

Best Personality: Rosa Leigh Blackmon

Prettiest Hair: Chrislea Rose Jenkins

Prettiest Smile: Emma LeeAnn Carpenter

Miss Photogenic: Emma LeeAnn Carpenter

People’s Choice: Victoria Ward

2nd Runner Up: Rosa Leigh Blackmon

1st Runner Up: Chrislea Rose Jenkins

Winner: Bailey Catherine Hastings


Miss Chattooga County

Prettiest Eyes: Aleigha Arlene Satterfield

Best Personality: Katelyn Elizabeth Hollingsworth

Prettiest Hair: Gracie Marie Tucker

Prettiest Smile: Katelyn Elizabeth Hollingsworth

Miss Photogenic: Aleigha Arlene Satterfield

People’s Choice: Treniti Brown

2nd Runner Up: Kali Alexis Clark

1st Runner Up: Gracie Marie Tucker

Winner: Sophia Raylee McGill

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