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Walker County Receives $107,091 from ACCG for Employee Safety Enhancements

Walker County plans to invest the proceeds from the ACCG-GSIWCF in equipment or building upgrades to enhance employee safety.

Walker County recently received a $107,091 check representing its share of a $6 million special cash distribution from the ACCG – Group Self-Insurance Workers’ Compensation Fund (GSIWCF).  ACCG is Georgia’s county association and works on behalf of county officials and their communities by providing public policy and legislative advocacy, leadership development, civic and community engagement initiatives, insurance and retirement programs that specialize in local government needs and other cost-saving programs.

“This year, GSIWCF celebrates its 40th year of providing for Georgia counties’ workers’ compensation needs. Currently, 169 counties and authorities trust ACCG to manage this well-established and respected program,” said ACCG Executive Director Dave Wills. “This is the fifth time since 2016 that a special cash return has been issued to the members of the ACCG Workers’ Compensation Fund.”

After assessing the strength and stability of the ACCG-GSIWCF with ACCG staff and consultants, the Board of Trustees agreed that a portion of the investment and underwriting gains could be returned to the members. Organizations participating in the workers’ compensation insurance program since 2015 are eligible for the special cash distribution.

“We are pleased to provide another special cash distribution to the membership,” said GSIWCF Board of Trustees Chairman and McDuffie County Commissioner Frederick Favors. “This is one of the many benefits of participating in county-owned insurance programs administered by ACCG.”

Walker County plans to invest the proceeds from the ACCG-GSIWCF in equipment or building upgrades to enhance employee safety.

The ACCG-GSIWCF has returned a dividend 38 times over the life of the program, typically in the form of a premium credit. A $4 million dividend was distributed statewide as a premium credit in January 2022, which reduced members’ annual premium costs. This special cash distribution is in addition to the premium credit and safety grant funds, which have been made available to the members since 2019.

ACCG provides workers’ compensation insurance to more Georgia county governments than all other insurers combined and manages assets of over $280 million. Since 1985, the program has returned more than $109 million to the participating members.

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