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Chattooga County Husband, Father Battling COVID-19

A community wide prayer was held Sunday at the Chattooga County Courthouse for Michael Nicholson. Michael, husband of Brittney, and father of Molly age 13, Jet age 12, and Evie James age 5 is battling COVID-19.

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“It’s overwhelming when Jesus opens your heart, and you accept every bit of love and power and prayer that people have for you. This community has come together like never before for our family and I will forever be thankful for them,” Brittney told AllOnGeorgia.


Michael is 36 years old, and considered to be “overall healthy, with no underlying health issues”. He works for Southern Company as a telecommunications analyst and has been working from home the majority of the pandemic since March 2020.

He was exposed to COVID-19 on August 9th and two days later on the 11th started showing the main symptoms. His symptoms began with body aches, fever, and a very mild cough.


He tested positive for COVID-19 on August 14th. By Tuesday, the 17th, his oxygen had decreased to 85. Brittney drove him to the emergency room where he sat alone and was admitted five hours later.


“He sat in the ER holding room for two days waiting for a bed to open in the B20 COVID Unit. Once it did, he moved out there and began to slowly worsen. By Wednesday, September 1st he was placed on a ventilator. Because of his lungs, his kidneys have now started to go into renal failure which is why he is receiving dialysis,” Brittney said.


Brittney said, “the only help that we are asking for right now is the continuous outpouring of love and prayers every time anyone thinks of us. I truly believe he is where he is now because of prayers. God is working miracles, not only through Michael but me and our children.”


Brittney said she wanted more than anything for the community to know that this virus is real. “It’s attacking every race, religion, gender. It does not discriminate. I was very wary about the vaccine, but I will be receiving mine next week. The doctor at the hospital told me: “If you were lying here, you’d be begging for whatever I had to make you better without questions what was it in or what the side effects were so why when I offer you something to help prevent it, do you deny it?” It’s real eye opener.”



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Casie Bryant is the NW Georgia Regional Manager for AllOnGeorgia.

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