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City of Summerville Regular Called and Teleconference Meeting Agenda

Pre Meeting Question  & Answer

There will be a Question and Answer session with the Mayor and members of the City Council prior to the start of the meeting at 4:30PM. Members of the public are encouraged to attend. To join the Q&A session via Zoom, use the meeting info listed below.

Regular Council Meeting

Regular Council meetings, are scheduled for the 2nd Monday of the month. The Regular Council Meeting will be on November 8th, at 5PM, at City Hall. The meeting will also be available to attend as a virtual meeting that can be joined by telephone or by computer/smart phone.

Zoom meetings notes for participants: You may join via computer, smart phone, and telephone. Participants will be muted by upon joining the meeting, and will be given opportunity to speak in sections of the meeting for public comments and questions.

Meeting ID: 894 4845 2964

Password: 142315

To join by computer or smart phone:

To join by telephone:

Call 1-646-876-9923 and enter the meeting ID and password when prompted

City of Summerville

P.O. Box 180

Summerville, GA 30747

Harry Harvey,  Mayor Rickey Hughes,  Seat 3

David Ford,     Seat 1      Joe Money, Jr., Seat 4

Dana W. Mosley, Seat 2 Zachary Martin, Seat 5​​                     


Regular Called Meeting and Teleconference Meeting

November 08, 2021

5:00 P.M.

(1) Call to order

(2) Roll Call

(3) Invocation


(4) Pledge of Allegiance


(5) Swearing in of Council Member Rickey Hughes

(6) Approval of Meeting Agenda

(7) Consent Agenda



  A. Mayor’s Comments – Harry Harvey

i. Announcements/Comments

Presentation of the $600,000 Grant from Georgia Department of Community Affairs Appalachian Regional Commission

ii. Introduction of guest/visitors

Kevin Gilliland

 (8)   Reports and Presentations


City Attorney – Albert Palmour

City Manager – Janice Galloway
Financial Report (Attachment)










(9)   Old Business


         a. Consider awarding Right-of-Way Mowing Bid to the sole bidder

            Tim Westbrook:


              i. Discussion

             ii. Action  


(10)  New Business  


a. Approve minutes:            

i. Discussion

             ii. Action


        b. Approve L. Rounsaville as aSummerville Downtown Development

            Authority Member for a two-year term:


i. Discussion

            ii. Action


       c. Oath of Office for L. Rounsaville:


i. Discussion

             ii. Action                          

d. Approve Carla Rutledge as the City of Summerville appointee

             for the remaining four years of a six year term to the

             Summerville Downtown Development Authority Board:


            i. Discussion

             ii. Action                                          

        e. Oath of Office for Carla Rutledge:


              i. Discussion

             ii. Action


         f.  Public Hearing regarding the transfer of certain real

             property to the City by Chattooga County:


              i. Discussion

             ii. Action


         g. Public Hearing regarding the purchase of real property from

             Hancock Timberland VIII, Inc. and its development into a

             public water system:


              i. Discussion

             ii. Action  




         h. Public Hearing regarding the transfer of certain real

             property located in unopened Hemlock St, Cherry Street,

             and Elm St to Archibald A. Farrar Jr. and Nell W. Farrar:


            i. Discussion

             ii. Action


        i.  Open sealed bids for City of Summerville surplus properties

             (see attachment):


               i. Discussion

              ii. Action


         j.  Consider approving a request from Thomas and Savannah

             Pledger to reduce their rear setback from 20 ft to zero ft

             at 111 Allen St, parcel #00S280000000045:


              i. Discussion

             ii. Action


         k.  Consider approving payment of $8,985 to R & W Contractors

             for rebuilding high service motor 4B at the water

             treatment plant(see attachment):


              i. Discussion

   ii. Action


        l.  Discuss naming the Fairway basketball courts after

             Senorise Perry:


             i. Discussion


        m.  Consider approving a $325 Christmas Bonus for full-time

             employees, and a $100 for part-time employees:


             i. Discussion

            ii. Action




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