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Board of Assessor member John Bailey responds to media inquiry

AllOnGeorgia reached out to each member of the Chattooga County Board of Assessors regarding the recent assessments.


The following questions were sent to Doug Wilson (Chairman), John Bailey, Betty Brady, Jack Brewer, and Andrew Johnson. 

Was anything different about this year’s assessments? (Process, technology, etc)

What type of reaction if any have you received?

Do you know anything about a possible glitch?

What recommendations do you have for citizens concerned with their tax assessments?

Board member John Bailey’s response is printed below. 


“I appreciate the questions you have presented in your request for information on property assessments.

As I am sure your are aware, property owners across the State have seen significant increases in property values over recent years. That phenomenon continues this year and will likely continue as long as large numbers of people choose, for a variety of reasons, to move to the State. Property values in Chattooga county for many years have remained relatively flat with some slight increase.  People are now paying much higher prices for both land and houses here, than was the case previously. These sales are being reflected in current assessments.

Assessments this year have been performed under the same procedures that have been in place for previous years. Due to the significant increase in the number and value of sales last year the Board of Assessors chose to hire an independent contractor, with expertise in property assessments, to assist the Appraisers Office in the current years  land assessments. This is the only process change.

I have personally received only a small number of comments. Some of the people commenting were surprised at the amount of increase, but, all expected an increase. Most had been watching the monthly sales which are printed in the local newspaper and had seen the difference in the sales prices and assessed values.

At this time the only specific problem that has that has been identified with current year valuations is the identifications of a couple of small parcels that appear to be over valued. These are being researched to determine a cause. When a determination is made appropriate corrections will be made. There has been no “glitch” in systems or data transfers identified at this time. With the amount of data processed and the number of associated systems there is obviously the possibility such a situation could occur. If any are identified as incoming  appeals are processed they, will of course be, corrected at that time.

I would recommend people, who feel that there is an error in their assessment value, file an appeal and allow a proper determination to be made. The worst thing citizens can do at this point is to start criticizing and creating unrest within the community. If errors exist they will be found and corrected.  Every person on the Board of Assessors and on the appraisers staff is committed to having every property in the county on record at the appropriate Fair Market Value.”

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