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Chattooga Board of Education

Chattooga Schools Update from Superintendent Hosmer

Chattooga Schools Superintendent Jared Hosmer provides update.

Chattooga Schools Superintendent Jared Hosmer made the announcement late Tuesday evening that the Chattooga County Board of Education Office would be closed due to COVID-19 positive cases.

Hosmer confirmed there are currently two positive cases among the 14 employees. Hosmer said the custodial staff will doing extra cleaning and disinfecting of the building.

The Chattooga County Board of Education Office will resume normal business operations on 1/04/2021.

This school year has presented many challenges for the faculty and staff of Chattooga County Schools dealing with COVID-19 cases and quarantines. “It has been as good as could be expected. We have had some bumps in the road but overall, we are making the most out of a difficult situation. Trying to keep everyone safe and trying to keep our kids in school,” Hosmer said.

Hosmer said he felt the teachers and staff were doing a good job. “They are doing the best that they can given the circumstances they have been dealt. It has not been easy but hopefully things will turn around for the system and the community after the first of the year.”

According to Hosmer, Chattooga Schools have had several students return to in-person learning already and should have several more return after Christmas break. Distant learners will have a change after Christmas as the contract with Pearson ends and virtual students will be taught by Chattooga Schools teachers at that point. “As with anything, we are better today at virtual learning than we were in August,” Hosmer said.

The scheduled Board meeting for Thursday night 12/17/2020 will take place as scheduled due to the fact that the meeting was already scheduled to be a conference call meeting.

The work session will begin at 6:00 pm and the regular session will begin immediately following the work session. Please call in about five minutes before the meeting starts and place your phone on mute.

Call in #:  +1 301-304-8153

PIN: ‪632 567 753#

During the meeting the Board will hear from the five applicants for the vacant Board of Education seat.

Johnny Brady
Andrew Campbell
Steven Groves
Lynn Hall
Mark Pickle

The Board voted in November to have each candidate speak at the December 17th meeting and the Board also voted to choose a candidate at the January 21st meeting.


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