Guilty Verdict In First Federal Overdose Death Case

“The message from this verdict is simple.  If you knowingly sell a substance that may contain fentanyl and that substance causes death, we will hold you accountable.  In this case, for the Defendant, that means that he will spend at least the next 20 years in jail.”

Federal Charges Filed Against Greenpeace Protesters

One of the protesters arrested is from Georgia. Specifically, the information alleges the protesters obstructed the waterway by rappelling off and suspending themselves from a bridge, causing a disruption and affected vessel traffic.

US Sends Another $4 Million to Bahamas, Sends Supplies by UPS Air

Saturday's flight, carrying a total of 50 metric tons of supplies, includes enough USAID water buckets and hygiene kits to help 10,000 people in need. The flight also includes four 10,000-liter water bladders, which will provide safe drinking water.

FBI Seeking Individual Who May Have Info Re: a Child Sexual Assault Victim

Do you know the man in this picture? The FBI is trying to contact the man as he may have critical information pertaining to the identity of a child victim in an ongoing sexual exploitation investigation. More photos & details in the link -->

7 Nigerian Nationals Indicted in International Phishing, Romance Scam, and Other Cyber Financial Fraud...

Individuals across the country were victimized by the defendants’ online fraud schemes.

Former Blackwater Employees RE-Sentenced for Fatal 2007 Shooting at Nisur Square in Iraq

The shooting resulted in the killing of 14 unarmed civilians and the wounding of numerous others.

FCC Proposes $272,000 Fine of CBS for Misuse of Emergency Alert Tone

An expensive episode - The FCC has proposed a $272k fine against CBS for apparently broadcasting an EAS tone during a nationally televised episode of "Young Sheldon" absent an actual emergency, authorized test, or PSA.

$170.6 Million Announced to Support State Parks and Outdoor Recreation

Georgia will get almost $.4.5 million.

Fmr UAW Official Pleads to Taking $1.5 Million+ in Bribes and Kickbacks

The former high-level official in the UAW’s General Motors Department, pleaded guilty this week to conspiring with other UAW officials to engage in honest services fraud by taking over $1.5 million in bribes and kickbacks from UAW vendors and contractors.

2nd College Student Pleads Guilty to Attempting to Access Trump’s Tax Information

He and another co-defendant attempted to retrieve President Trump's tax returns from the IRS.