DHS Steps Up REAL ID Education and Awareness Efforts

DHS urges the American public to get a REAL ID immediately and not wait until the deadline.

US to Send $22 Million to Combat Child Labor in 5 Countries

The money will go to places like Kenya, Argentina, and Colombia.

53% of EEOC Complaints in FY 2019 Were Retaliation-based

Sexual harassment claims also made up just over 10% of the claims.

Public Feedback Wanted: New Rules for Service Animals on Flights

Are you on board with these rules? It addresses concerns raised by individuals with disabilities, airlines, flight attendants, airports, other aviation transportation stakeholders, and other members of the public, regarding service animals on aircraft.

Al-Imam Sentenced to 19+ Years in Prison for Sept 2012 Terrorist Attack in Benghazi

Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and U.S. government personnel Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty died in the attack.

Child abuse, neglect up nationally for first time since 2015

Each state has its own definitions of child abuse and neglect based on standards set by federal law. Most states recognize four major types of maltreatment: neglect, physical abuse, psychological maltreatment and sexual abuse.

US DOT Uses Map to Encourage Investment in Underserved Rural, Urban Communities

The detailed information about vital infrastructure resources located in and near Opportunity Zones is intended to encourage further economic investment.

Wholesale electricity prices were generally lower in 2019, except in Texas

Wholesale electricity prices at several major hubs were generally lower in 2019 than in 2018

Interior Reduced Wildfire Risks on 1.4 Million+ Acres of Federal Land in 2019

The Department of the Interior announced it had doubled and nearly tripled targets set by President Donald Trump for vegetative treatments to reduce wildfire risk in Fiscal Year 2019, marking the largest fuel load reduction in a decade.

TSA screened a record-breaking number of travelers during the end-of-year Christmas/New Year holiday period

Despite the volume, 99.8% of all passengers nationwide waited less than 30 minutes in a checkpoint line.