Media Pressure Leads Brunswick DA Jackie Johnson to Recuse Herself from Another Case

As negative publicity continues to dirty the waters of her tenure, Brunswick Judicial Circuit District Attorney Jackie Johnson has recused herself from a case in which she has a great conflict of interest, according to records from the Georgia Attorney General’s Office. 

Loeffler Releases New Ad on Stock Debacle & Exoneration

The Loeffler campaign has spent considerable time publicizing the exoneration by the DOJ and now they're taking it to the airwaves.

Finger Pointing, Blame Consume Election Day, Evening in Georgia

As precincts experience long wait times and confusion with untrained poll workers, Democrats in particular are claiming voter suppression and mismanagement at the hands of the state election's office. But the Georgia Secretary of State's Office said the matter rests squarely in the hands of the local boards of election.

Records Show Brunswick DA Signed Off on Bond Despite Recusal in Infamous Sasser Case

Despite apparent conflicts of interest, documents show the Office of Brunswick Judicial Circuit District Attorney Jackie Johnson handled the bond of former Glynn County Police Officer Cory Sasser knowing that the office was planning to recuse itself from the case.

Ossoff Releases Ad Addressing People Who Haven’t Received Absentee Ballots for Tuesday Election

Many voters -particularly in Fulton County - have still yet to receive absentee ballots, despite some having requested them over a month ago. -->

Ga Democrats Wants SOS to Do Something About Long Wait Times Ahead of Election...

Raffensperger's office has spent the last several months encouraging Georgians to vote by mail due to the impacts of COVID-19 that have led to increased wait times for cleaning, social distancing requirements, a reduction in volunteer poll workers, and even closed polling locations due to the unwillingness by private parties (like places of worship) to open the doors to the general public at usual voting locations.

Fmr. FLETC Chief Says State Senate Candidate Falsified Military, LEO Background

The election to succeed retiring state Senator William Ligon has a former supervisor from a federal law enforcement entity and a Director of the United States Secret Service calling into question both the military experience and law enforcement credentials of one candidate.

Libertarian Party of Ga Claims Victory After Ruling in Ballot Access Case Against Sec....

The Libertarian Party of Georgia has made a substantial gain in a matter against the Georgia Secretary of State. While the case was filed by the LPG, the potential for improved access will impact all third party candidates in Georgia. 

Ga Assn of Chiefs of Police Vocalizes Support for Georgia Hate Crime Legislation

The Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police has announced its support for Georgia's proposed hate crime legislation. 

Douglas Co. Commissioner Breaches Free Speech Infringement Settlement Agreement

A Douglas County commissioner who previously agreed to settle a legal matter regarding free speech infringements of a constituent outside of a courtroom is now refusing to abide by the terms set forth by his own legal counsel.