Sarah Riggs Amico Officially Announces Run for United States Senate

“I’m running to restore Georgians’ faith that they can have a champion in the US Senate who will fight for their families instead of wealthy special interests."

Majority of Bryan Co. Funds for Victims Again Promised to District Attorney’s Office

Though the vocal opposition in recent weeks and months has been substantial, the appointed committee charged with allocating Bryan County’s percentage of funds collected to fund victim services has recommended that county commissioners pledge the majority of the funds to the Atlantic Judicial Circuit’s District Attorney.

Fmr. Glynn County Public Defender Facing a Total of 18 Charges

Nearly one week after Glynn County Police announced the initial five warrants for the arrest of attorney and state court Public Defender Billy “Reid”...

State Rep Says He’s Not Resigning 4 Months After Announcing Resignation

Four months after announcing that he would step down from his seat in the middle of his term, State Representative Andy Welch has announced...
Chris Carr

Georgia Successful in Blocking WOTUS Rule

The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Georgia granted summary judgment in favor of Georgia and 9 other states in their lawsuit challenging the Obama Administration’s 2015 Waters of the United States (WOTUS) Rule.

John Barrow Announces Latest Endorsements for Supreme Court

Barrow has received endorsements from a bi-partisan group of over 200 district attorneys, sheriffs, other elected officials, leaders of the State Bar, and public citizens all across the state.

Harris Co. Employees Remove Yard Signs Opposing County Action on Zoning

Citizens say the county employees who collected the signs did so to silence opposition and that the county employees who collected the signs work for the department pushing the initiative the signs call on people to oppose.

Catoosa Commissioners Considering Restricting Public Input at Meetings

The Catoosa County Board of Commissioners is set to consider an amendment to the commission meeting rules and procedures at the next meeting and citizens worry that the measure would stifle free speech.

Georgia Will Get a New Director for Judicial Watchdog Agency

The state agency is responsible for serving as the judicial watchdog arm of court oversight and it is taking applications over the course of the month.

New Leaders at State Transportation Board Selected

The State Transportation Board elected its new executive leadership team at their Board meeting.