Georgia Democrats Announce Full Delegation To Democratic National Convention

The Democratic Party of Georgia has announced Georgia’s full delegation to the Democratic National Convention.

Georgia legislatures passes ‘Peace Officers Bill of Rights’

The Georgia Senate converted a bill which originally addressed the name of a state agency into a vehicle bill that passed with language to include the 'Peace Officers Bill of Rights' and standards for punishing individuals who commit offenses against peace officers in the state of Georgia.

Hate Crimes Legislation Passes Georgia Legislature Without Protections for Police

Both chambers of the Georgia legislature have approved legislation adding hate crime statutes to the Georgia code and the measure now heads to the Governor's desk for signature.

Ga Sheriffs Association Slams DA Paul Howard Over Political ‘Grandstanding’

The organization delivered a shot across the bow, calling Howard's actions hasty and alleged that Howard's independent investigation outside of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation was a 'grandstanding vote seeking tactic.'

Victim’s Group Calls on State to Designate Their Work as ‘Essential’

The lobbying group wants the Chief Justice to designate the protection of victims' rights as an "essential function" of the judicial system in Georgia.

New TV Ad Slams Secretary of State Over Election Day Hold Ups

The ad calls for Georgians to "demand Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger end his malfeasance, deliberate indifference, and buck passing and do his job."

Georgia Power and coalition of Georgia businesses weigh in on hate crime legislation

In addition to signing the letter, the group of companies are launching a website to help others encourage Georgia lawmakers to pass the bill.

Constitution Party Backs Senate Candidate in November Election

The Constitution Party of Georgia has thrown its support behind a candidate in the November 'Jungle Primary Election' in which 21 candidates will square off against appointed Senator Kelly Loeffler.

Georgia Pro-Life Group Wants “Abortion Free COVID Vaccine”

A pro-life organization in Georgia has launched a petition focused on raising awareness about vaccine ingredients and working to combat the use of any COVID-19 vaccines which may contain 'parts obtained from an aborted child.' So far, the group has collected 409 of the 5,000 desired signatures.

Ossoff is Democratic Nominee, Will Face Perdue & Hazel

With over 50%, Ossoff claims outright victory, avoids runoff, and advances to General Election where he will face Senator David Perdue (R) and Libertarian Shane Hazel.