Landowner’s 6-Year Legal Battle with Hinesville Heads to Court

A family with deep roots in the City of Hinesville and south Georgia’s Liberty County is headed to court this week in hopes of finally settling a legal battle that has pitted a property owner against a local government, involved environmental agencies from all levels of government, and run up the tab for legal fees and resource consumption for more than six years. 

John Barrow Picks Up Endorsements in South Georgia

Last week, attorney and former Congressman John Barrow announced the latest round of endorsements of his candidacy for the seat on the Georgia Supreme Court.

Federal Judge Blocks Georgia’s Heartbeat Bill

A federal judge has temporarily blocked Georgia's "Heartbeat Bill" from taking effect.

Report on Enforcement of Ethics Rules by State Agencies: Georgia Scores Poorly

Georgia scored 39 out of 100 on the Transparency Ranking.

24 Appointed to Ga Behavioral Health Reform & Innovation Commission

Governor Kemp announced this week that a 24-person commission has been named under the guidelines of a House Bill passed this year. 

Ga Senator Wants to Study Acts of ‘Mass Violence’

Isakson’s legislation defines “mass violence” as a “physical assault carried out with implements (which may include knives, clubs, motor vehicles, firearms, or explosives) resulting in injury or death to three or more victims, not including the perpetrator.

Fmr US Senator Backs Tomlinson in Challenge to Perdue

A former United States Senator from Georgia is throwing his weight behind a Democratic contender vying for the chance to challenge Republican Senator David Perdue.

Georgia Joins Battle Against Anti-School Choice Decision, Religious Exclusions

Carr, along with other attorneys general, are urging the justices to overturn a Montana Supreme Court decision that required the state to exclude religious school options for parents participating in a state tax credit scholarship program.

Georgia Senators Working to Lower Pecan Tariffs

“The current disparity in the tariffs India charges on different varieties of tree nuts has created an unlevel playing field for American producers."

Councilwoman Refuses to Vacate Seat

A judge denied her request for an emergency injunction and the state Constitution calls for her to vacate her seat, but one Councilwoman who is running for mayor says she isn't leaving.