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Sheriff Proctor Warning of Door-to-Door Scam

If someone knocks at your door and claims they are part of the Georgia Sheriff’s Association or represent a labor union, please contact authorities.
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Camden County Sheriff Jim Proctor is warning residents of a door-to-door scam related to the Georgia Sheriff’s Association.

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The Office reports that a person was reported to the Camden County Sheriff’s Office on Friday, January 17th. At that time, it was reported that a white female with black hair came to his home and represented herself as a representative frm the Georgia Sheriff’s Association. The woman reportedly said she was part of an Employee Union that had to visit people and check to see if they were insured.

The homeowner whose door was knocked on recognized the ploy as a scam and told the woman to email paperwork to him so he could more closely examine the plan she was proposing. The woman, according to the report, was very pushy and noted that the information had to be provided at the time of her visit. The homeowner did not comply and told the woman to leave his property, which the woman did do.
Proctor is reminding the public that the Georgia Sheriff’s Association does not go door to door to request information and the entity does not represent any labor unions. Ifyou receive a knock at your door with someone representing themselves as a representative from a labor union, authorities reques that you try to get a photo of the vehicle, the tag, and the person – if possible.
Additionally, authorities are asking that residents contact the the 911 Communications Center and make a report.   

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