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Traffic Study Underway at SEB Intersection

The Bulloch County Board of Commissioners at their regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday announced that a traffic study is currently being conducted at the infamous Southeast Bulloch High School intersection.

The crossroads of Brooklet-Denmark and Rushing Road have been a thorn in the side of the Bulloch County Transportation Department for several months. Following a slew of tragic accidents in 2015 and 2016, the county transitioned the intersection to a 4-way stop with four STOP signs. While the stop signs have nearly eradicated accidents in the area, traffic is full-fledged problem.

Students and parents have complained about the time it takes to get through the intersections during peak drop-off and pick-up times, county manager Tom Couch explained Tuesday. Now, school board members in the area are requesting that commissioners reconsider the decision or take another avenue.

Couch said removing the four-way all together would expose the county to a huge liability, so the county has hired CALYX Engineers out of Roswell, Ga. to do conduct a school zone study. A change could mean a traffic light or a roundabout.

Couch is expecting results of the study soon after completion and recommendations will be made to the commissioners. He closed noting that much of the problem with traffic is the way the site of the school is designed and the ingress and egress to the property.

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