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Bulloch Schools: Nominate students in Grades 2 – 8 for gifted services August 2 – 25

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Bulloch County Schools will be accepting nominations of students for gifted services August 2 – 25.  Nominated students will be considered for possible testing in the gifted services program this fall.

Only students in second through eighth-grade are eligible for nomination, and the student must either be new to the school district, or a Virtual Learning Program student last year, whose parents elected to wait until this fall testing window. Teachers, parents, guardians, students, or peers may nominate any student who meets the specifications for this window of consideration.

Nominations will be accepted through 12 noon on Wednesday, Aug. 25.  All nominations must be submitted to the school district’s QUEST teacher at each elementary or middle school by this date and time.  For your convenience, visit the Gifted Services area of the school district’s website for an online nomination form for each elementary and middle school.

Once the nominations are closed, the eligibility team at each school will review the data submitted to determine if a student requires formal evaluation for gifted services.  A nomination does not guarantee formal evaluation.

Gifted services are based on need. The review team must establish that there is evidence of a need for services before evaluation can take place.  At that time, the parents and guardians of identified students will receive a Permission to Test Form to sign and return to their child’s school.

Testing will follow the receipt of this form.  After all testing has been completed and scored, the school district will mail an eligibility report to the home of each student that participates in a formal evaluation.

Bulloch Schools

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