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Statesboro Police Dept Launches ‘Operation Equipment Violation’

The Statesboro Police Department recently launched a new program called ‘Operation Equipment Violation’.

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The purpose of the program is to provide help to motorists who are stopped for minor defective equipment violations. Officers will attach an auto parts store coupon or gift card to a warning or citation for these violations.

The program works in conjunction with local auto parts stores, who jumped on board once hearing of the idea. The majority of the stores donated coupons and gift cards.

SPD Advanced Patrol Officer(APO) Kyle Briley is a founding member of ‘Operation Equipment Violation’ and had a large part in starting it.

From SPD:
“We are very proud of Advanced Patrol Officer Kyle Briley’s initiative and being part of the Operation Equipment Violation program. Many equipment violations, for which motorists are stopped, are actually inadvertent traffic offenses. A person may not know their taillight, tag light or head light is out until they are told by another person, or until they are unfortunately stopped by a law enforcement officer. In many cases officers issue warnings for these offenses but an officer can issue a citation for the violation that carries a fine of $162.00 if issued by the Statesboro Police Department and prosecuted through the Statesboro Municipal Court,” Captain Kaleb Moore explained. “The Operation Equipment Violation program can now possibly turn a potential negative police / citizen encounter into positive one. The program allows officers to help our citizens with a token of support to help them correct an often unknown violation. After all, part of the job of law enforcement is to educate and support our citizens. This program is a great imitative to help bridge the gap between the police and the community in a positive manner. APO Briley was behind the program and many other of our Officers have assisted, which shows how our Officers are always willing to work with our community.”

The Statesboro Police Department would like to thank the local businesses who were able to participate in this program. We have received positive feedback thus far by those who have been issued the gift cards/coupons.
The Statesboro Police Department would also like for all to know that the coupons and gift cards are limited and may not be presented all on traffic stops for these violations.

For more information about the ‘Operation Equipment Violation’ program, contact SPD at 912-764-9911.

Jessica Szilagyi is a former Statewide Contributor for

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