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Bold Business Releases New Poll Showing Almost 70% Employees Prefer Full-Time Work-From-Home

From Farm to Factory to Cubes to Anywhere / The workforce policy evolution cartoon / Bold Business LLC

Bold Business LLC conducted a survey this summer about readers preferred workforce policy.

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As the Delta variant has become more and more prevalent, an exclusive survey was conducted by Bold Business over July 2021, which asked readers their preferred workforce policy: working in an office vs. working remotely vs. a hybrid model. Of 302 respondents, almost 70% preferring full-time remote work, with 93% preferring working remotely in some capacity. Society has gone from farms to factories to cubicles, and now work-from-home (WFH) is the next phase. Come-to-Me Employment is here, and anyone fighting to put workers back into cubicles is on the wrong side of the future. [Read the survey questions here.]

Work-From-Home Is Here to Stay! Latest Poll Shows New Work Paradigm Becoming Institutionalized, a new article by Bold Business CEO Ed Kopko, dives deep into back-to-the-office versus work-from-home debate, with empirical evidence laying out a clear message: most employees don’t want to go back!

Tapping into his decades of experience managing global workforces, as well his background overseeing polling as publisher of Chief Executive magazine, Kopko examines the next workplace evolution, which–according to Bold’s survey–has 55% of companies with over 10,000 employees requiring their employees to work in the office at least part-time. Is your company one of the dinosaurs slow to recognize what the future holds for workforce policy?

Work-From-Home Is Here to Stay! Latest Poll Shows New Work Paradigm Becoming Institutionalized is full of top-notch graphics, which can be downloaded here and shared with appropriation accreditation. Kopko is also available for additional commentary on the following points:

  • How WFH is becoming an institutional perk
  • How system-generated productivity management metrics are far superior to outdated observational metrics, which makes WFH a no-brainer
  • How WFH is going to touch formerly in-person jobs like delivery and food service
  • Why certain states and cities are lining up against the WFH movement
  • Why WFH will save cost and improve employee satisfaction

If the work-from-home debate is affecting you–and it likely does–then Work-From-Home Is Here to Stay! Latest Poll Shows New Work Paradigm Becoming Institutionalized is a must-read. Check it out now.


Bold Business, the publication, is wholly owned by Bold Business LLC. Now in its seventh year of publication, Bold focuses on the innovations and trends shaping both business and the world at large, and its editorial scope has included numerous Bold Leader profiles, video interviews with insiders, and in-depth analyses of the successes of startups, industry giants, and every enterprise in between. As the former publisher of Chief Executive magazine, Ed Kopko oversaw the Chief Executive Confidence Index and the Chief Executive Best and Worst States for Business Ranking; as publisher Bold Business, he leverages that extensive background in polling to create fresh data opportunities and break incisive stories.


Bold Business CEO and publisher Ed Kopko, formerly the owner, publisher and CEO of Chief Executive magazine, has racked up a long list of media appearances and publishing credits over the years–from CNBC to Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, and other outlets. He is the author of PROJECT BOLD LIFE: The Proven Formula to Take on Challenges and Achieve Happiness and Success. Ed has an MA degree in Economics from Columbia University. He splits his time between New York City and St. Petersburg, FL.

To contact Ed Kopko for interviews and additional insight, email


Bold Business LLC is a multifaceted digital media, technology and business solutions company with offices in New York, Florida, Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, the Philippines and Costa Rica. For more information on the publication, click hereFor more information on Bold Business LLC and the services it offers, click here.

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