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Sea Island Considering First Aid Huts On Beach

The Sea Island Beach Club has been granted permission to add First Aid Huts to their beach area.

The Sea Island Beach Club has been granted permission to add First Aid Huts to their beach area.

Michael Kennedy of Sea Island Acquisitions, LLC, sent a request to the Coastal Resources Division of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) on February 13th, requesting their permission to temporarily place three First Aid Huts within the Sea Island Beach Club site.

His emailed request outlined the specifics of the first aid huts, their location and their length of stay. Each hut will be on a 20’ X 20’ removable platform, with two towel bins and two waste bins. The huts will be transported via the existing DNR approved access route to the dry sand area between the mean high water (MHW) and the existing dunes.

In a letter time-stamped on the 20th of February, these first aid huts were approved for placement during the specific time frame of March 2nd through September 2nd. The letter signed by Jill Andrews, Chief, Coastal Management Section, included a stipulation: ‘Because the project may occur between May 1st and October 31st, turtle nesting season, an individual with a DNR Sea Turtle Cooperators Permit must survey the area and the access to be used by the equipment prior to the work beginning. All sea turtle nests must be avoided and no heavy equipment may be used within 20 ft. of a nest area.’

Other guidelines listed is that notification must be provided to the Department upon the removal of the huts from the approved area and that no unauthorized equipment or material is allowed to be disposed of, placed, or stored within the jurisdictional areas.

It is unclear if the first aid huts have currently been set up and calls and emails sent for comment previously went unanswered.

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