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Homeschool Groups for Camden, Glynn County residents

Interested in local homeschool opportunities?

The 2017-2018 school year is wrapping up, and perhaps you are looking for a change for your child for next school year. Perhaps public school is no longer right for your family, but you aren’t sure what options are out there.

Fortunately, there are a few options for reputable homeschool online learning programs as well as local homeschool co-op groups and social events.

K12 is a common online learning program. The Georgia Cyber Academy is a tuition-free program. According to their website the online learning program is: ‘an engaging, interactive curriculum features subjects such as art, music, world languages, and AP® courses. Younger students can participate in a robust Advanced Learner Program. Eligible high school students can earn college credits on select courses through a dual enrollment program with more than 40 colleges across the state. Students can also explore possible careers or college majors through a variety of career-focused electives.’

In addition to the online public school option, there is also a tuition-charged private school option.

BJU Press Online

BJU Press is another online school, and also offers video lessons. End-of-year testing is also offered. A combination of hardcover textbooks, e-books and online lectures. Probably the best way to become familiar with all their programs and guidelines is to join their upcoming Facebook party.

Their website describes the informative meeting: ‘If you can’t make it to a local event, join us online for the same experience and discounts April 16th – 21st, for a Nationwide Facebook Party! You’ll hear from experienced homeschool moms, meet BJU Press staff, watch live product demos, ask our consultants questions, be entered into drawings for giveaways, and so much more all from the comfort of your own home! We plan to tour the Distance Learning building and we will be chatting with a teacher.’

What I find favorable with the BJU curriculum is that the books are written on biblical truths and values. No evolution taught in this online school! The website explains that students are encouraged to see God’s creation in every subject taught. The goal they are working toward is to instill a thoroughly Christian worldview in every area of each student’s life.

While it isn’t required to sign up for one of these programs, or one similar, it can be easier. The program will set weekly requirements and everything is set up for the student. All her or she needs to do is log in each day and get ready to work. Another time-saving benefit of using an online school is they keep track of logged time and grades for you. Records are kept automatically by the program, and can be made readily available. In the state of Georgia, record keeping is a requirement. Keeping a weekly work schedule is ideal for those who mix and match curriculum.

Local Co-op and Social Groups

One of the biggest fears most parents face when choosing to homeschool is the lack of socialization of their kids. In Camden County, there are three options for weekly gatherings and special events.

In Kingsland, there is the Camden County Eagles Homeschool Group.They have a Facebook page that requires permission to join. Their facebook page lists 127 members. Since it is a private page, not much information is visible, but I do believe they have classes and activities.

Kingsland Bay also has a homeschool group. Their private Facebook page lists 196 members, and lists the group goals as being able to plan, discover and create together. Christian, Secular, and Unschooling welcome. Request to join their Facebook page for more information.

Though a Florida group, the Nassau County Home Educators (NCHE) is a social group in the Fernandina Beach area that is open to Georgians. In addition to the social group that hosts weekly park days, basketball, tennis and swimming and more, there is also Blessings, a co-op for school studies. You can visit their website for more information and to enroll.

For Glynn County, I know of a large Brunswick homeschool group. They have both a co-op and social activities planned often. CGHSA (Coastal Georgia Homeschool Association) shared the following on their website: We promote home education as the Scriptural design for education whereas institutional education is an alternative to the home.  We believe that every family has the God-given legal and constitutional right to home educate in the State of Georgia, regardless of their philosophy of education or religious affiliation.  CGHSA is not a church nor is this organization meant to replace the ministry of the local church to the home education family.

CGHSA currently has families enrolled from Brantley, Camden, Glynn, McIntosh and Wayne counties.

I know most of us are focusing on summer break activities, but the 2018-2019 school year will be here before we know it. Comparing these school groups and curriculum providers this spring will leave you ready to enroll by the summertime.



Since 2008,Debra has enjoyed writing about travel and music for magazines and blogs. In 2013, she and her family moved to Coastal Georgia from SW Missouri. She is glad to have traded in cold winters for the sunny skies of the south. She loves to share news about upcoming events around Camden and Glynn counties, and enjoys the plentiful variety of scheduled activities throughout Southeast Georgia. When she isn't working, she and her daughter can be found enjoying one of the many local beaches, relaxing on St Simons Island, or traveling down one of the many hiking trails in the area. Debra can be reached at

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