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Senate Study Committee on Truck Driver Shortages Concludes with Recommendations for Georgia’s Transportation Industry

The Senate Study Committee on Truck Driver Shortages, established by Senate Resolution 155 and chaired by Sen. Jason Anavitarte, successfully concluded its final meeting with recommendations to address the critical shortage of truck drivers in the state of Georgia.

Formed in response to the growing truck driver shortages that are affecting industries across Georgia, the committee played a key role in facilitating dialogue among stakeholders, industry leaders, and educators. Sen. Anavitarte sponsored SR 155, which received bipartisan support during the 2023 Legislative Session. The resolution mandated the committee’s creation to develop strategies for meeting the increasing demand for skilled truck drivers.

“Through extensive hearings and discussions, we have formulated recommendations that aim to bridge the gap between industry needs and workforce development. I appreciate the bipartisan effort displayed by the committee, as well as Senate Committee on Transportation Chairman Dolezal and Majority Leader Gooch in delving into the complexities of this issue,” said Sen. Anavitarte. “Georgia can lead the nation in tackling the truck driver shortage and I am confident that our recommendations will set the stage for positive change.”

“Effectively addressing and resolving the truck driver shortages impacting our state is imperative to maintaining Georgia’s role as a vital economic hub in the Southeast,” stated Majority Leader Steve Gooch (R-Dahlonega). “I appreciate Majority Caucus Chair Anavitarte and the committee members for their efforts, which have provided valuable insight into the intricacies of the transportation industry. This brings us one step closer to ensuring that the workforce demand in our state is fulfilled.”

“I express my gratitude for Sen. Anavitarte’s leadership in his role as the chair of this committee,” remarked Sen. Greg Dolezal (R-Cumming). “Our committee has fully achieved its goal to diligently investigate and develop strategies to tackle the truck driver shortage. These efforts will form the basis for well-crafted future legislation aimed at lowering the cost of business, barriers to entry, and ultimately the cost of living for all Georgians.”

The committee’s findings and recommendations will be made available to the public in a detailed report, providing a roadmap for policymakers, industry leaders, and educators to collaboratively implement solutions to the truck driver shortage in Georgia. More information about all 2023 Senate Study Committees can be found here. Read the full text of SR 155 here.

Sen. Jason Anavitarte serves as Chair of the Senate Majority Caucus. He represents Senate District 31 which includes Paulding and Polk Counties. He can be reached at 404.656.9221 or at

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