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Gov Signs Bill to Protect Citizens with Preexisting Conditions, Ensure Positive Health Care Outcomes

Attorney General Chris Carr today joined Governor Brian Kemp as he signed House Bill 509, which will preserve protections of preexisting medical conditions for Georgians and ensure they are provided health care opportunities without limitation or exclusion.

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State Representative Houston Gaines, who sponsored the bill in the Georgia House, and representatives from the Department of Insurance also joined Attorney General Carr and Governor Kemp.

“Georgians with preexisting medical conditions must have quality health care opportunities without limitation or exclusion,” said Attorney General Chris Carr. “House Bill 509 creates a state-based solution instead of relying on the terribly-flawed Affordable Care Act that has twice been deemed unconstitutional by federal judges and is under scrutiny by the U.S. Supreme Court. I’m proud to have worked with Governor Kemp and co-sponsors of this bill to ensure all Georgians, including those with preexisting conditions, have access to a world-class healthcare system that they truly deserve.”

HB 509 was co-sponsored by Representatives Trey Kelley, Sharon Cooper, Marcus Wiedower, Eddie Lumsden and Mark Newton. State Senator Brian Strickland sponsored the bill in the Senate.

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