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Georgia GOP Files Ethics Complaint Against Abrams, Says She’s in “Alternate Universe”

The Georgia Republican Party has filed an ethics complaint against the Stacey Abrams for Governor campaign alleging unlawful spending.

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The 21-page complaint filed Wednesday, the Georgia GOP claims “the campaign broke campaign finance laws by approving a $250,000 TV advertisement for an imaginary gubernatorial run-off. Stacey Abrams’ campaign is also illegally using funds to digitally advertise the same “run-off.”

Under the law, unless an election is called for and set by the Secretary of State, television commercials cannot run. The Georgia GOP claims that Abrams decision to run the ad violates the ‘spirit and the letter of the law.’ The Party says election funds cannot be used for an election that is not occurring and that the use of funds for radio, television, and even staff is wrong.

The Party, in the complaint, asks the State Ethics Commission to take “immediate action.”

In a press release issued Wednesday, the GA GOP said, “Now is the time to bring Abrams’ political profiteering to an end. The Abrams campaign appears to be breaking the law by spending money on an election that does not exist. She is continuing to trick her supporters into thinking the 2018 race for Georgia Governor is not over, and her campaign is profiting off her fantasy.”

Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party John Watson also issued the following statement:

“Stacey Abrams has gone beyond just being a sore loser and is now blatantly breaking the law. She is ignoring the will of Georgians and leading an effort that makes a mockery of democracy. 
“Georgians recall that Abrams had no problem with Georgia’s election laws back in May when she won her primary. This frivolous effort to change the rules are solely due to her inability to accept she lost. She should concede and do the right thing for Georgians by supporting Governor Elect Kemp.”

You can read the full complaint below.

Ethics Complaint - Abrams for Governor Campaign

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