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Georgia Power to Enable Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Access

Georgia is already the sixth largest market in the nation for EV fast charging.

Effort will support Southern Company’s partnership with other utilities to create a coordinated fast charging network

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With an increase of electric vehicles (EVs) on Georgia roads every day, Georgia Power is committed to assisting customers with access to efficient and reliable charging options. Southern Company, the utility’s corporate parent, today announced plans to join other utilities across the South, Midwest, Gulf Coast, Central Plains and mid-Atlantic to enable EV drivers’ seamless travel through a coordinated network of Direct Current (DC) Fast Chargers.

This effort, called the “Electric Highway Coalition,” represents an unprecedented level of coordination to increase charging options along major highway routes from Texas to Washington, D.C., and provide easier access to environmentally friendly vehicle options for drivers.

“As the sixth largest market nationally for EV fast charging, Georgia Power is committed to continuing growth of EV infrastructure across the state and providing increased access to customers looking to drive electric,” said Nicole Faulk, senior vice president for customer and corporate services. “As Southern Company’s largest subsidiary, our commitment plays a significant role in the increasing growth of electric vehicle adoption, and the connection of communities across Georgia and the country.”

Working with the Georgia Public Service Commission, the company has installed 49 DC fast chargers in locations statewide and is investing $6 million over three years in fast-charging infrastructure across Georgia. The installation represents the newest technology in EV fast chargers, offering charging speeds up to 125kW – adding 100 miles in 12 minutes – dual dispensers and power sharing capabilities to maximize the number of ports that can be deployed and still receive an optimal charge.

Additionally, the company has partnered with Cox Automotive Mobility to complete one of the largest EV charging single property installations in the southeast at the Pivet Atlanta facility near Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. Georgia Power also supports 24 charging stall stations through Electrify America, Tesla and the EVgo Fast Charging Network. These investments further enable electric vehicle adoption and the connection of communities across the country.

Last year, Georgia Power announced it will electrify portions of its vehicle fleet as part of Southern Company’s plans to convert 50 percent of its system fleet vehicles across the auto/SUV/minivan, forklift and ATV/cart/miscellaneous segments by 2030. The internal fleet goal is part of a larger focus on electrification of the transportation industry and the company’s commitment to expanding zero-emission electric vehicles and clean transportation options.

Now offered by most major manufacturers, EVs continue to advance in range, performance and features. In addition, EVs benefit the environment with zero direct emissions, specifically improving air quality in urban areas, have a lower cost of ownership than petroleum vehicles and, with their domestic energy source, promote local jobs.

EV Resources for Customers
In addition to developing public charging infrastructure, the company is committed to explaining the benefits of EV ownership and making the decision to switch easier than ever by providing customers with the resources they need to learn more about the benefits and potential savings of driving electric. By visiting, customers have access to information on:

  • buying an electric vehicle,
  • understanding electric vehicle options,
  • charging an electric vehicle,
  • charging locations,
  • electric transportation news, and
  • frequently asked questions.

Georgia Power also offers EV charger rebates for business and residential customers, an online calculator to help customers find out how much driving electric may save them and a special rate for EV customers. The company’s Plug-in Electric Vehicle rate offers lower prices from 11 p.m. – 7 a.m. to encourage nighttime EV charging.

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