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GA Dept of Ag: Waiver Granted for Use of Winter Blend Gasoline

To help minimize the supply disruption on gasoline to Georgia terminals caused by the recent shutdown of the Colonial Pipelines due to a ransomware attack, The Georgia Department of Agriculture is exercising its enforcement discretion to allow the commercial sale of fall/winter mix fuel.

“This action will help provide a steady supply to better serve the needs of our Georgia drivers,” said Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Gary W. Black. “We urge consumers to maintain regular consumption levels and travel schedules and to resist panic purchases that could result in further interruption to the fuel supply. We expect all of these combined efforts will result in a swift restoration of normal operations and supply.”

Federal regulations require different fuel blends depending on the season in an effort to reduce the impact of exhaust fumes on the environment. All blends are safe for all vehicles and will not affect performance or harm the mechanics of the vehicle.

The Emergency Rule is effective immediately and will remain in effect through May 31, 2021.

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