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Temperature-Controlled Storage Leader Lineage Logistics to Build Near Port of Savannah

The Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD) announced that Lineage Logistics, the world’s largest temperature-controlled industrial REIT and logistics solutions provider, will invest $62 million in opening a new, temperature-controlled storage facility near the Port of Savannah in Chatham County.

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The project will create 65 jobs in Port Wentworth, and construction is expected to be complete by the end of 2022.

“It’s a pleasure to see Lineage Logistics continue to invest in Georgia,” said Governor Brian P. Kemp. “Hardworking Georgians and our top-notch training programs like Georgia Quick Start continue to give companies the confidence they need to expand by showing them that Georgia’s workforce is not only skilled, but up to the task.”

Lineage Logistics represents the largest network of temperature-controlled warehouses globally, with more than 400 strategically located facilities offering over 2.3 billion cubic feet of capacity and spanning 19 countries across North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. In Georgia, the company now owns and operates 11 warehousing facilities, employing more than 775 people across the state.

“Savannah is the fastest growing port and largest single container terminal in North America. Lineage’s new facilities in this high-demand location will provide additional capacity and value-added services in a critical market for our customers,” said Greg Lehmkuhl, Lineage’s President and CEO. “We are constantly looking for ways to maximize and further streamline Lineage’s total supply chain, and our meaningful growth in Savannah will offer customers increased access to faster, more reliable distribution opportunities to markets across the Southeast.”

The new facility in Port Wentworth will be located on Hendley Road, minutes away from the Port of Savannah. The next-gen facility will handle fresh produce and perishable imports and operate as a cross-dock, in which product enters one side of the building and exits the other side via truck on the same day, the facility will also provide fumigation, packaging, and other value-added services for customers to move fresh product efficiently to markets across the Southeast. Individuals interested in careers with Lineage Logistics are encouraged to visit for information about available opportunities.

“Congratulations to Lineage Logistics, an international leader in the food supply chain industry, on their expansion in Savannah. Their use of innovative technology, Savannah’s exceptional workforce and their partnership with the Georgia Ports Authority has led to their past success and laid the groundwork for their future growth in Savannah,” said Savanah Economic Development Authority President and CEO Trip Tollison.

“We welcome Lineage Logistics’ expansion in the market at a time when the demand for chilled cross-dock operations is growing,” said Griff Lynch, Georgia Ports Authority Executive Director. “Customers using the new Lineage cross-dock facility in Savannah for fresh produce will be able to move their goods to market even faster, fresher, and at a more streamlined cost compared to other ports of entry.”

Assistant Director Alyce Thornhill represented the Georgia Department of Economic Development’s (GDEcD) Global Commerce division on this competitive project in partnership with the Savannah Economic Development Authority, Georgia Quick Start, the Georgia Ports Authority, and Georgia Power.

“Many thanks to Lineage Logistics for investing in Georgia. The demand for temperature-controlled storage for the food supply chain continues to grow dramatically, and this project will help address that need,” said GDEcD Commissioner Pat Wilson. “The state has long invested in our logistics and transportation infrastructure, and the return on that investment continues to deliver in the form of new jobs for Georgians.”

About Lineage Logistics   
Lineage Logistics is the world’s largest temperature-controlled industrial REIT and logistics solutions provider. It has a global network of over 400 strategically located facilities totaling over 2 billion cubic feet of capacity, which spans 19 countries across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. In recognition of the company’s leading innovations and sustainability initiatives, Lineage was listed as No. 17 in the 2021 CNBC Disruptor 50 list, the No 1. Data Science company, and 23rd overall, on Fast Company’s 2019 list of The World’s Most Innovative Companies, in addition to being included on Fortune’s Change The World list in 2020.


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