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Company says new benefits will provide thousands of families with increased access to resources that will improve overall health and wellbeing

The company charged with providing health care coverage for more than 380,000 low-income Georgians says the services provided will soon be expanded.

Amerigroup Community Care in Georgia announced last week that it is adding additional benefits to “help support its families with children.” The company, which is the recipient of the state’s largest Medicaid contract, says there is no cost.

The new benefits include free baby food, tutoring programs and Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) preparation assistance and are part of Amerigroup’s mission to improve lives and communities. These new benefits become available July 1, and have been chosen to address diverse needs that impact families with children.

“Amerigroup is deeply committed to improving the lives of Georgia’s families and communities,” Mel Lindsey, Amerigroup Georgia’s health plan president, said in a press release. “As a leader in coordinating Medicaid services across our State, we understand the needs of Georgia’s youth and families, including the extra support they need to achieve healthy living and academic success.”

According to a news release with the announcement:

Amerigroup families with babies will be eligible to receive free baby food when the 6-month infant check-up is completed. New benefits aimed at helping families with school-aged youth break down barriers that can hinder academic success include a tutoring program for eligible members in 7th grade, and a SAT® guide for eligible members in 11th & 12th grade.

These new value added benefits are being offered in addition to the broad portfolio of benefits Amerigroup Georgia currently offers its consumers, such as free dental cleanings, eye exams, weight management, pest control and bedding for asthma programs and more. Access to benefits is based on eligibility.

Additional information about Amerigroup Georgia, the programs, and how benefits are provided, visit the website.


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