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The Offers are rolling in for Big Mike Adams

Chattooga High School’s standout football player Mike Adams has received his first of what will be many collegiate offers. The Forty-Niners of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte offered Adams a football scholarship.

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Adams finds himself in a great spot half-way through his junior year. He is already NCAA eligible to play, made an 1120 on the SAT and has a 3.8 GPA. Standing 6’2″ and weighing 295 lbs, his current bench press is 345, he squats over 500, and he has another year of weight-lifting and conditioning before he has to make a decision.

Offensive Coach Hamilton said, “Mike has worked hard and this step is a combination of stellar athletic performance and hard work in the classroom. He is already NCAA clearinghouse eligible which is a huge accomplishment at this time. It will open up many more opportunities. Most importantly, Mike will have a chance to get a free education while furthering his athletic career.”

We will all have to wait another year to see where Big Mike decides to go. Whether he suits up as a Boilermaker for Purdue or a Forty-Niner in Charlotte or a Seminole at FSU is still undecided at this point. But the one thing that is certain is, Mike Adams’ future is wide open.

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