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CHS Forensic Science Classes Receive Drone Training


Mr. Tallent’s Forensic Science classes have been studying crime scene procedures, including evidence recording and collection. Mr. Tallent told his students, “In some instances, crime scenes may be hard to reach so a drone may be deployed to better access the area or to avoid destroying evidence before it can be photographed.”  Mr. Tallent wanted to provide the students with hands-on experience with dones to allow them to better understand how this process works.

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On Thursday, September 16, Dr. Robert Young and the Etowah GYSTC graciously loaned the CHS Forensic classes a couple of drones to become familiar with their operation. The students were taught the Etowah GYSTC and FAA rules of drone operations prior to actually using the drones.  Mr. Tallent is a FAA registered recreational flyer, so he also discussed the importance of registering drones and practicing safe flight operations.

The drone flying class was the first of three lessons. The students will be putting the drones through an obstacle course in the second lesson. As part of the third lesson, Sgt. Josh Powell, from the Chattooga County Sheriff’s Office, will be speaking to the class about the use of drones. Each student completing the three courses will receive a certificate of Pilot in Command. Please note this is different from being FAA registered, that is not a requirement for flight indoors at a school.

Article published with permission of the Indian Lore 

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