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Addie Bridges attends Auburn University’s Veterinary Medicine Camp

Addie Bridges attends Auburn University’s Veterinary Medicine Camp

Chattooga High School FFA student, Addie Bridges, recently applied for Auburn University’s Veterinary Medicine Camp. She was selected from 500 applicants to spend the week at the University. This camp was paid for by the Guthrie Dairy Leadership Scholarship, the scholarship was obtained with the help of Addie’s advisor, Ms. Lauren Jarrett and the Chattooga County Extension Office. Addie was 1 of 14 that got accepted into the Senior Vet Camp. The camp was six days long and filled with different activities in the veterinary practice. Addie is a rising senior and plans to be a veterinary.
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Addie gave AllOnGeorgia a recap of her vet camp experience. “We were required to arrive during the evening on the first day. We then reviewed the camp’s rules and regulations. I also took this time to introduce myself to my peers. Early the next morning we took the transit to the Veterinary School and was met with our vet school student advisors and the Dean of the Vet School. Following an encouraging speech from the Dean, I was taken to the anatomy lab where we dissected a horse leg. This lab showed how the parts of the leg work together. After the dissection, we continued and toured the large and small animal hospitals. Next, I learned how to check respirations, the musculoskeletal system, mucous membranes, eyes, ears, throat, nose, heart rate, dental condition, and do a neurological exam, during a physical diagnosis. The parasitology lab was our final stop on the first day. At this lab, I learned the life cycle and what different types of parasites do to an animal’s body.

Early Tuesday morning started with surgical stations. At these stations, I learned how and performed how to properly put on sterile gowns and gloves, two different suturing techniques, wound care, how to put in a catheter, and how to intubate an animal. These stations were followed by a lecture on pathology by one of the professors who teaches at the University. The professor took time to explain what she does, told of cases she had to figure out, and answered questions any of the students asked. After pathology, we were taken to learn about anesthesiology. At the anesthesiology lab, I learned how to properly fill a pressurized syringe with medication. Then we loaded an empty syringe into a blow gun and learned how to properly aim it. Finally, we attended a seminar on career opportunities and what people in research and public health do as veterinarians.

2019 Vet Camp Surgery Lab

Vet Camp Students spent the morning in a Surgery Lab, learning how to perform sutures, insert IV needles, CPR on animals, and much more! Check out this video to get a sneak peek inside of the veterinary labs at Auburn University Veterinary Teaching Hospital this morning! Thanks Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine!

Posted by Auburn Youth Programs on Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The next day, we went to the radiology section of the hospital. Here I learned about ultrasounds and performed one on a dog’s stomach. Following the ultrasound, we were taken to a presentation about MRI and CT scans. The counselors then took us to the rehab facility in the veterinary hospital. Here I was able to watch a patient being treated and learn about rehabilitation techniques, as well as ask questions. After lunch, we were visited by the raptor center. The employees educated us on multiple species of raptors including Nova, the War Eagle. We then went to a cattle reproduction lab. At this lab, we examined the uteri of cattle in multiple stages of gestation. I also pulled a calf from a demonstrative model.

Thursday started at the equine center across from the veterinary hospital. Upon arrival, riders were practicing for competitions, and the teaching equine vet took us to learn about the movements of horses. Here I also got to work horse’s legs to determine if there was trauma in the tendons and listen to the horse’s heart, lungs, and intestinal tract. Later, I was able to participate in a clinical pathology lab. In this lab, I was able to create my own blood smears and look at the blood underneath a microscope and determine the different types of cells. Then we got to attend an exotic animal exposition. We were able to learn and hold species including snakes, geckos, and guinea pigs. Finally, a panel of vet students sat in front of us and answered any questions we wanted to ask.

On the final day, we participated in a contest to see what we had learned throughout the week. This was followed by a lecture of the traditions at the University. Following this, I got to meet Aubie, the mascot, and roll the trees. Finally, I was awarded  a certificate of completion of the camp and a shirt.” 

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Casie Bryant is the NW Georgia Regional Manager for AllOnGeorgia.

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