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Summerville Enhances Its Curb Appeal

The Downtown Summerville area is looking forward to a long-anticipated makeover. This project was approved six years ago and will be completed in phases. The first phase is scheduled to begin in 2017 according to Councilman Joe Money. The 100-yard stretch of East Washington Street from Hwy 27 to the Depot will be adding considerable green space and be converted to a pedestrian-friendly area for those visiting the Summerville Depot, the Open-Air Cafe, and the Train Turntable. This area will include trees, benches and light posts to accommodate visitors during all hours and seasons. In addition, the “Phase 1, Highland Avenue sidewalk project will begin this summer,” said Money. The Highland Avenue sidewalk project has been accelerated due to increased traffic on the road and lack of safety for pedestrians.
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The next step in the project will stretch from the Sheriff’s Office around the Courthouse and down to Georgia Ave and Cox Street. Improving the sidewalks, both physically and aesthetically will enhance the downtown experience for local residents and visitors alike.

With local events drawing in more and more out-of-county tourists, it is important for the city to make a good impression and this revitalization project will be another step in that direction. A February meeting between city officials and Georgia DOT representatives served to speed up the project by more than a year. Residents can expect some traffic detours but the inconveniences will be mild and well worth the results.

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