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God’s Junkman: The story of John Turner and Howard Finster’s Friendship

John Charles Turner, came back to his home high school, Chattooga High School after college to teach. During his teaching  career, he became close friends with world-renowned folk artist Howard Finster, who was a mentor and inspiration for him. He and his art students reached out to the community through plays, art shows and painting murals throughout their town. He developed an innovative program which put his school on a “Quest for the Best” to unite schools worldwide in friendship. His aspiration was an Olympic “Best Quest” to feed the world’s hungry children through friendship and caring.

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God’s Junkman

Turner has written a biography/autobiography of Reverend Howard Finster and his own. God’s Junkman is a story of their long-lasting friendship and their individual pursuits of bringing the world together in peace and harmony. Personal vignettes tell the story of growing up in a small town, hilarious antics and youthful foolishness, making one’s mark as a teacher, and having the extraordinary blessing of being included in the life of one of the most creative, prolific, and charmingly eccentric artists of our time.

The story shows the evolution of the ideas of two visionaries, which, coupled with youthful enthusiasm, can have worldwide ramifications in changing the planet toward good. The success of this endeavor will bring lauded attention to Chattooga County, making it a destination to celebrate “friendship throughout the world.” Hopefully, the themes in this book will attract the communities of art, education, and religion as well as all those who believe in young people and the power of vision.

The ultimate goal of this book is to bring new awareness to the World Friendship flag and that its logo may become a global icon. Furthermore, this logo will be available to be purchased through Facebook friendship pages, resulting in the raising of funds to be donated to CARE to help feed the world’s hungry children.

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