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Chattooga Board of Education

Chattooga County School System Issues Student ID Cards with Modern Technology

Chattooga County School System sent Menlo and Lyerly students home with ID cards on Tuesday. Both schools will begin using the ID cards as early as Thursday, with the other schools being phased in over the next few days. Students will need their ID card at all times at school. The student must have their ID to get on the bus and if the student is a car rider they will still need the ID card. But there is something a little more in this card, a RFID chip.

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The ID card is attached to a lanyard that can be worn around the students neck. The front of the card has the picture of the student and the student’s name. On the back of the card is a bar code and number that also identifies the student. Embedded in each card is the RFID chip.

This is a safety precaution according to Superintendent Jimmy Lenderman that has been discussed in great detail at board meetings and at other venues. All students in all grades will be issued a card. There are devices in over 30 school buses that will scan the RFID chip inside each ID card letting the administrators know which students get onto the bus, at what time they get on the bus and what time they get off. This is a safety measure so that in case of an emergency all students that are on buses will be accounted for quickly according to Superintendent Lenderman. “Every student and faculty member in our schools need to have an ID around their neck,” commented John Worsham, the director of operations.

This is national issue concerning the privacy of the individual student and the safety responsibility of a school. Some school systems that have tried to use the RFID Chips have dropped the method and opted for less invasive measures such as surveillance cameras. Ensuring student safety remains a top priority for local school boards across the country.

The ID cards will be mandatory for all students.








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Casie Bryant is the NW Georgia Regional Manager for AllOnGeorgia.



  1. Jonathan smith

    October 19, 2016 at 6:32 pm

    This id card stuff is the same thing that they tried last year and so many parents and staff members were against it that I guess they thought that if they just waited till this year and not tell anyone until they told the teachers to hand them out they wouldn’t have any problems with it. I for one am very disgusted with the ones in leadership positions that just do whatever they want to and think that it is ok without notifying everyone involved with it. If we let them get away with this they will keep doing things like this, I mean really do they have that big of a problem keeping up with our kids in school and on buses? If so then maybe we need to get some staff members that can keep up with them without an id badge with a chip in it. What’s next embedded chips in their arms or a tattooed bar code on their body so the government can make sure of where they are at all times, so they can be good little communists.

  2. Debbie Nance

    October 19, 2016 at 8:36 pm

    If my kid brings one home it will be destroyed there not chipping my child. No one agreeed with this last year why do they think we’re ok with it now. This is wrong they already have survalence cameras all over the schools. The bus too has cameras. Mine does not ride the bus and takes her lunch what does she need this for she doesn’t and I will not allow her to be tracked down like a criminal oh criminals don’t have these unless there under house arrest. Shame on u school board I will vote you my vote for anyone who runs against you starting with that idiotic linderman

    • Debbie Nance

      October 20, 2016 at 5:05 pm

      I did get a chance to talk to linderman today this is what he had to say about this new id chipped card>>>>
      Lenderman said that he chose the less invasive one to use. It would on read if the child places the card next to the reader that is on the bus only right now. Later he would like to use this for the lunch room so the younger kids wouldn’t have to memorize their number just use there card as we use our credit card but they do not have this technology as of yet. Maybe later the older kids would use it to swipe at school showing they were there n not ditching school to go be with there bf or gf. He also said the chip is issued to a 13 digit number and that number is assigned to the child. The outside party has no knowledge of who is assigned what number. He also said that he would like to eventually be able to use the card at sporting events to give students a discount pricing he is going to have Espy do a write up explaining the use of the card and it’s reader.
      Oh and if your child doesn’t ride the bus the only time He said they would need it is the field trip even if u sign your child out and bring them home. They would use it to sign on the bus from school and off at the location only.
      It does not tell the school any other information it doesn’t do like the GPS does it has to have a reader to ping off of and this chip has to be very close to be able to be read
      He stated that this card isn’t going to be worn by the children at school… Just used on the bus routes and yes the car riders will receive one for use currently on field trip and the other school won’t receive until Nov.
      they only have the technology on the bus as of now later for lunch and discounts on school functions….

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