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Chattooga Board of Education

CCBOE Work Session Agenda

CCBOE Work Session Agenda

Chattooga County Board Office of the Superintendent Agenda for Board Meeting
 Invocation
 Pledge of Allegiance
 Adoption of Superintendent’s Recommended Agenda for October 17, 2019 School Board Work Session Meeting.
 Review Minutes of Previous Meetings
– September 19, 2019 Work Session Meeting
– September 19, 2019 Regular Session Meeting
A. Resolutions/Recognitions (non-action item) 1. 2020-21 Teachers of the Year
-Chattooga High School: Beth Howard -Summerville Middle School: Chasity Brunache -Leroy Massey Elementary: Amber Witt -Lyerly Elementary: Kari Groce
-Menlo Elementary: Christy Willis
2. School Bus Driver Appreciation Day
3. Industry Certification Award
Welding instructor, Jeff Owings and the Chattooga High School Welding program has received its Industry Certification. This credentialing is performed by the
Construction Education Foundation of Georgia, otherwise known as CEFGA. CEFGA leads the process of program evaluation to ensure that individual programs meet industry standards in the areas of equipment, teacher qualification, lab specifications, curriculum and industry. We would like to extend a big congratulations to Mr. Jeff Owings for achieving this program certification for Chattooga High School. We would also like to thank Lisa Hughes and CEFGA for their help in strengthening Chattooga’s workforce development efforts. Here to present the Industry Certification banner and award is Mr. Kenny Adkins from CEFGA.
B. School Board Members: NONE C. School Board Policies: NONE
D. Financial Management
1. Board consideration of Superintendent’s recommendation to approve the FY20
Federal Funds.
2. Board consideration of Superintendent’s recommendation to approve the Financial Statement for August 31, 2019.
3. Board consideration of Superintendent’s recommendation to approve the Financial Statement for September 30, 2019.
4. Board consideration of Superintendent’s recommendation to call for a referendum
for the approval of the renewal of the five year Education Sales Tax and for additional
General Obligation Bonds. The purposes will be paying previously incurred General Obligation debt and to build and equip a new Menlo School. Furthermore, authorize staff to engage professionals necessary to draft the referendum resolution, notices, ballot question, and other necessary documents.
E. Educational Programs, Student Support and Staff Development
Board consideration of Superintendent’s recommendation to approve the following overnight/over 50 miles field trips:
1. 40 eighth grade students from Summerville Middle School will be visiting Macon, St. Mary’s, Folkston and Savannah, Georgia on 05/18/20 and returning on 05/22/20. There will be 4 adult chaperones, including Teacher/Coordinator, Debra Osborne. The purpose of the trip is to allow the students to experience, in person, the geographic, social, historical and economic sites which have been studied this school year.
2. 14 Chattooga High School students will be attending the Fall FCCLA Conference in Covington, Georgia. They will depart on 11/05/19 and return on 11/06/19. There will be 2 adult chaperones, including Teacher/Coordinator, Kayla Hartline.
F. Support Services/Facilities and Construction Management/Planning: NONE

G. Personnel
1. Board consideration of Superintendent’s recommendation to approve the following
Personnel changes:
Certified Recommendation
-Anna Nichols; Special Education Teacher at Leroy Massy Elementary; Replacing
Lori Daniell; Beginning 09/20/19.
Classified Resignation
-Raquel Pace; Bus Driver; Personal Reasons; Effective 08/31/19.
-Julia Cavin; Substitute Teacher; Effective 10/14/19.
-Eva Rushing; Substitute Teacher, Substitute Food Service Worker, Substitute Nurse;
Effective 10/14/19.
-Jessica Shepard; Substitute Teacher; Effective 10/14/19. -Katelyn Worsham; Substitute Teacher; Effective 10/14/19. -Latasha Young; Substitute Teacher; Effective 10/14/19.
H. Superintendent of School
1. Board consideration of Superintendent’s recommendation for approval of Outline of
Board Activities for the 2019-2020 school year.
-Superintendent’s “For Information Only” Items

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