Georgia State Patrol Graduates its 100th Trooper School

AMAZING! The Georgia State Patrol recently graduated its 100th Trooper class!

Georgia State Patrol Wins 2017 “America’s Best Looking Cruiser” Contest

This is the second year that the Georgia State Patrol has won!

Traffic Tuesday: Georgia’s Super Speeder Law

The law has been on the books since 2010, but Super Speeder tickets are still issued rather frequently, so let's take a look at the law.

TRAFFIC TUESDAY: The Move Over Law isn’t just for police

You've seen the sign displayed on electronic traffic billboards and you've probably heard Image result for move over law gathe commercials, but that isn't enough to make some people MOVE OVER.

Life for a Cop: Georgia ranks near bottom

National Police Week kicks off on May 14 and while it is without a doubt a tough time to be a police officer, Georgia...

Erin Brockovich to investigate possible Waycross cancer clusters

Erin Brockovich was a movie about a real-life single mother who was hired as a legal assistant and helped bring down a large California...

Officer-involved shootings in Georgia by county

Shootings in which police officers are involved are on the rise according to recent reports from compiled GBI records.

GBI issues AR-15 rifles to all agents

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is stepping up their firepower and issuing AR-15 semi-automatic rifles to all agents across Georgia.

GBI searching for missing man in Southeast Georgia

The man was working as part of a four person timber crew in Southeast Georgia.