COLUMN: The Plan to Reopen Georgia Is Working Just Like It Should

OPINION: Jessica Szilagyi says the plan to reopen Georgia is all about choice and that's exactly why it's working how it should. "But never in a million years would I have imagined the rub with people would be that they wanted Governor Kemp to issue more orders and mandates about what they should do with their personal lives."

COLUMN: COVID-19 Exposes the Need for More Automation

OPINION: Marc Hyden says COVID-19 has exposed our lack of preparedness and forced many to realize that the technologies, like automation, that special interest groups and some governments have shunned could have limited the virus’s devastation.

COLUMN: Immigrant Workers Filling Essential Roles Are At Risk Of Deportation. The Time To...

OPINION: "With continuous efforts to terminate immigration programs, and now with a global health crisis, my future is in constant danger. But Congress can help change this and the time to act is now. I urge lawmakers to act swiftly to provide protections for immigrants who are at the frontlines of fighting the coronavirus pandemic, whether working on the farms, providing health aide to the elderly or helping in our hospitals."

COLUMN: The day legislative oversight died

State Rep. Sheri Gilligan says legislative oversight died with the way the Georgia legislature handled the extension of Governor Kemp's emergency declaration.

State School Superintendent: “We must choose compassion over compliance”

"Our focus during this time should be on compassion over compliance," Georgia School Superintendent Richard Woods said of the era of 'crisis learning.'

COLUMN: ‘Essential’ Is So Much More Than Front Line Workers

OPINION: Jessica Szilagyi says front line workers are imperative, but 'essential' workers go well beyond the generic term. "If you're constantly questioning 'why' someone is out or trying to limit who that may be, you have no idea what people around you are doing to make the world keep spinning."

COLUMN: Without Reforms, Jails Could Become Epicenter of COVID-19 Outbreaks

OPINION: "Fully funding and relying on diversion programs as well as embracing broader bail reforms would go far toward reducing the likelihood of an outbreak in prisons, but more can be done."

FAITH COLUMN: Racial reconciliation: The Gospel is the answer

OPINION: "As Christians, we need to speak not as representatives of our skin colour, but as representatives of the Gospel. Christians of every ‘race’ need to be on the front lines of reconciliation."

FAITH COLUMN: What percentage is acceptable to you?

OPINION: "You have likely heard the statistics, such as 2/3 of children raised in Christian homes are leaving the church and other ‘studies’ claiming a rate of exodus as high as 88%2. Regardless of the accuracy of these statistics, few Christians would deny the alarming departure rate they have witnessed not only in their churches, but in their own families."

FAITH COLUMN: The tide is changing…

FAITH COLUMN: "You see, the tide is changing. Many people have been rescued by the Savior. This is because today we have more information available to answer people’s questions about evolution than at any previous point in the church’s history."