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Bulloch BOE Adds Construction of New High School to 5-Year Plan

The Bulloch County Board of Education voted (6-2) at its May 13, 2021 regular session to add the proposed construction of a new Southeast Bulloch High School to its five-year facilities plan. This will enable the district to seek partial funding from the Georgia Department of Education for construction of the new school, which is estimated to cost between $50 to $60 million.

The revisions to the plan also included the following: (1) convert the current Southeast Bulloch High School to become Southeast Bulloch Middle School; (2) convert the current Southeast Bulloch Middle School to become a new upper elementary school for grades four and five to serve all Southeast Bulloch area feeder elementary schools (Brooklet, Stilson, Nevils); (3) Convert Brooklet, Stilson, and Nevils elementary schools to serve pre-kindergarten through grade three.

These revisions to the five-year facilities plan are predicted to provide longer-range balancing to school capacity levels for the Southeast Bulloch area schools, keep them aligned, and avoid imposing unnecessary re-zoning in the area.

Source: Bulloch County Schools

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