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Area students compete in Bulloch’s 9th Annual Regional Technology Fair

Congrats to all the winners and great work by those who participated!

The 9th Annual Bulloch County Regional Student Technology Fair, sponsored by Dabbs, Hickman, Hill & Cannon, LLP, was held on Saturday, January 18, from 8 a.m. – 1 p.m., at Julia P. Bryant Elementary School. The event is one of 16 preliminary technology competitions in the state which qualify first-place winners to compete in the Georgia Student Technology Competition. Saturday’s first-place winners will now advance to the state event on March 14, at Kennesaw State University.  The state competition is a project of the Georgia Educational Technology Consortium.

Bulloch County’s Tech Fair, is hosted annually by Bulloch County Schools, and it is one of the few that is located south of Macon, Georgia. The event is open to students in grades 3 – 12 from any home school, public, charter, or private school in Bulloch, Bryan, Candler, Effingham, Emanuel, Evans, Jenkins, Screven, and Tattnall counties. Students can choose from 14 different categories in which to compete. This year’s participants submitted nearly 130 entries in 13 categories. They were judged by two-person teams of school district faculty, local technology industry professionals, and other technology enthusiasts.

Bulloch County Regional Student Technology Fair Winners

3D Modeling: Grades 3-4: 1st – Ryan Wahl, Bryan Co., McAllister Elementary; 2nd – Jackson Milkwick, Bryan Co.,  McAllister Elementary; Grades 5-61st – Isley Simpkins, Bulloch Co., Langston Chapel Middle; 2nd -Xander Korn, Bryan Co.: Carver Elementary; 3rd – Gavin Holloway, Bulloch Co., Portal Middle High; Grades 7-8: 1st – Kyla Bell & Alyssa Staten, Bulloch Co., William James Middle;  Grades 9-10: 1st – Jason Hagins, Bulloch Co., Portal Middle High; 2nd -Jace Skinner, Bulloch Co., Statesboro High; Grades 11-121st- Fahriye Caliskan, Bulloch Co., Statesboro High.

Animation: Grades 3-4: 1st – Ezra Finnegan, Bryan Co., Home school; 2nd – James Roberson, Bulloch Co., Mattie Lively Elementary; 3rd – Inba Vinothkumar, Bulloch Co., Mill Creek Elementary; Grades 5-6: 1st – Alyssa Graham, Bryan Co: McAllister Elementary; 2nd -Nicholas Marsh, Bulloch Co., Statesboro STEAM Academy; 3rd – Caitlyn Mattingly, Bryan Co., Carver Elementary.

Audio Production: Grades 11-121st- Brodie Van Wagenen, Bulloch Co., Statesboro High; 2nd– Donald Nelson and Anthony Gibson, Effingham Co, South Effingham High.

Device Modification: Grades 5-6: 1st – Layton Steigelman, Bryan Co., McAllister Elementary; 2nd -Andrew Hurlock, Bulloch Co., Brooklet Elementary.

Digital Game Design: Grades 3-4: 1st– Jackson Russell, Bryan Co., Carver Elementary; 2nd– Landon Westall, Bryan Co., McAllister Elementary; 3rd-Alessandro Vitello, Bryan Co. McAllister Elementary; Grades 5-6: 1st – Grant Boyer & Caleb Williams, Bulloch Co., Sallie Zetterower Elementary; 2nd– Justine Wu, Bulloch Co., Brooklet Elementary; 3rd – Connor Bailes, Bryan Co., Carver Elementary; Grades 7-8: 1st-Asher Hodgin & Jaun Rosario Rosado, Bulloch Co., William James Middle; 2nd -William Wu, Bulloch Co. Southeast Bulloch Middle; 3rd -Eli Compton, Bulloch Co., William James Middle; Grades 9-10: 1st -Yubo Fu, Bulloch Co., Southeast Bulloch High; 2nd -Scott Caplinger, Bulloch Co., Statesboro High School

Digital Photo Production: Grades 7-8: 1st– Katlyn Sullivan, Bulloch Co., William James Middle; 2nd –William Baucum, Bryan Co., Richmond Hill Middle.

Graphic Design: Grades 3-4: 1st– Jahari Atkinson, Bulloch Co., Stilson Elementary; Grades 5-6: 1st – Ellie Branch, Bulloch Co., Brooklet Elementary; 2nd -Mary Grace Geiger, Bulloch Co., Statesboro STEAM Academy; 3rd – Alex Elkassas & Riley Mulligan, Bryan Co., Carver Elementary; Grades 7-81st-Haylie Griewahn, Bryan Co., Richmnd Hill Middle; 2nd- Sara Finch, Bulloch Co., Portal Middle High; Grades 9-10: 1st -Bailey Borck, Bulloch Co., Statesboro High; 2nd – Carly Coleman, Tattnall Co., Tattnall Co. High; Grades 11-12 : 1st – Alaura Farrington, Bulloch Co., Statesboro High.

Internet Applications: Grades 3-4: 1st -Brianna Phillips & Addie Grace Smiley, Bulloch Co., Mill Creek Elementary; 2nd-Veronika Houser & Susan Keeley, Bulloch Co., Mill Creek Elementary; 3rd – Dy’Aysia Tribble, Bulloch Co., Mill Creek Elementary; Grades 5-6: 1st -Roan Houser, Bulloch Co., Langston Chapel Middle; 2nd –Ansley Burnham, Bulloch Co., Brooklet Elementary; 3rd -Jackson Keel & Trenton O’Brien, Bulloch Co., Stilson Elementary; Grades 7-8: 1st – Krupa Pandya, Bulloch Co.,William James Middle; 2nd –Nic Cortes and James Ryall, Bulloch Co., William James MIddle.

Multimedia Applications: Grades 3-4: 1st – Hannah Barnes, Bulloch Co., Mill Creek Elementary; 2nd -Isaiah Kent, Bulloch Co., Stilson Elementary; 3rd-Nasir Marshall, Bulloch Co., Julia P. Bryant Elementary; Grades 5-6: 1st – Gabrielle Mondesir & Llisa Chand, Bryan Co., Carver Elementary; 2nd -Nathan Strickland, Bulloch Co., Stilson Elementary; 3rd – Simone Littles, Bulloch Co., Mattiel Lively Elementary; Grades 7-8: 1st – Graisyn Evans, Bulloch Co., Statesboro STEAM Academy; Grades 9-101st -Landon Young, Bulloch Co., Portal Middle High; Grades 11-12: 1st -Ashanti Battle, Tattnall Co., Tattnall Co High.

Productivity Design: Grades 5-6: 1st – Lizzie Beachum & Lila Mask, Bulloch Co., Mattie Lively Elementary; Grades 11-121st – Shirling Xu, Bulloch Co., Statesboro High; 2nd – Kevin Davoud, Bulloch Co., Statesboro High.

Project Programming: Grades 5-6: 1st – Ahmer Raza, Bulloch Co., Homeschool;  Grades 7-81st– Joseph Reddin, Bulloch Co., Southeast Bulloch Middle; Grades 11-121st – Matthew Perry, Bulloch Co., Statesboro High.

Robotics: Grades 3-4: 1st -Jeffery Grant, Bryan Co., McAllister Elementary; 2nd – Aurbrey Hester, Bryan Co., McAllister Elementary; 3rd – Chloe Berry, Bulloch Co., Stilson Elementary; Grades 5-6: 1st -Graeden Rush, Bryan Co., Carver Elementary; Grades 7-81st. -Zach Mallard, Bulloch Co., Portal Middle High.


Video Production: Grades 3-4: 1st -Knox Ward, Bulloch Co., Mill Creek Elementary; 2nd -Grace Landers, Bulloch Co., Julia P. Bryant Elementary; 3rd – Rachel Cruz, Bulloch Co., Mill Creek Elementary; Grades 5-6: 1st – Cambria Finnegan, Bryan Co., Home school; 2nd -Lauren Bazemore & Bailey Grace Browning, Bulloch Co., Julia P. Bryant Elementary; 3rd -Maddie Gilbert, Bulloch Co., Stilson Elementary;  Grades 7-8; 1st – Erin Shen, Bulloch Co., William James Middle; 2nd– Tina Piltner & Gracie Corck, Bulloch Co., William James MIddle; 3rd -Callie Barger & Ann Parker, Bulloch Co., William James Middle; Grades 9-10: 1st- Jacob Debevec, Tattnall Co., Tattnall Co. High.

Pictured Above:  Technology Fair first-place winners

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