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Statesboro PD reports 2016 Crime Statistics to Council

The 2016 crime statistics for the City of Statesboro are in and things are looking pretty good.

Chief Mike Broadhead, who was hired in April of 2017, presented the 2016 crime statistics at Tuesday’s council meeting.

The City of Statesboro Police Department responded to nearly 51,000 calls for service in 2016, which includes instances where an officer initiated contact with the public after seeing something. The department also initiated 10,788 traffic stops.

Calls for Service

  • 4,194 disturbances
  • 1,284 Part 1 crimes – these are crimes monitored for the FBI database, like murder, robbery, aggravated assault, etc.
  • 1,284 alarms (these are false alarms)
  • 2,278 suspicious activity
  • 2,634 crashes
  • 12,498 location checks
  • 26,015 all other calls

The Statesboro Police Department isssued 6,626 citations, arrested 2,145 people, and issued 4,162 warnings in 2016.

Traffic Citations (TOP 5)

  • 762 speeding
  • 452 following too closely
  • 331 adult seat belt
  • 315 traffic control devices
  • 264 stop or yield signs

Use of Force

  • 1 firearm discharge
  • 0 baton
  • 0 OC spray
  • 13 taser uses
  • 9 uses of hands or feet
  • 1 use of “other” objects (PD policy permits the use of items in instances of a “last line of defense”

Citizen/Internal Complaints and Internal Affairs Investigations


  • 12 total
    • 6 determined to be unfounded
    • 3 were exonerated
    • 3 were not sustained
    • 0 sustained

Internal Affairs Investigations

  • 5 total
    • 0 determined to be unfounded
    • 1 exonerated
    • 2 not sustained
    • 2 sustained

Open Investigations

The Statesboro Police Department cleared 550 cases in 2016 and 358 investigations remain open. Cleared means they were solved, a victim decided not to prosecute, not crime was determined to have occurred, or the offender died before arrest.

One of the biggest problems facing the Statesboro Police Department over the last two years has been a high rate of turnover, but Chief Broadhead said the thin resources have allowed the department to focus on what is necessary.

Hiring and Recruiting Activity

  • 14 Recruiting Events Attended
  • 186 Applications Processed
  • 28 Backround Investigations
  • 17 Officers Hired

The department also hosted a citizens policy academy and youth academy.

Mayor Jan Moore said earlier on Tuesday that she was appreciative of the Chief’s perspective on the statistics as someone who was not a part of the department during 2016.

Jessica Szilagyi is a former Statewide Contributor for

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