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Bulloch Co. stands to profit from YES vote on Industrial Park

The Bulloch County Board of Commissioners are set to vote on the rezone request for a proposed industrial park on 4,682 acres near Highway 67 at Interstate 1-16 on Tuesday night, but new documents indicate the county may have more to gain from such a project.

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In February of 2016, the Bulloch County Board of Commissioners were petitioned by Bulloch County Development Authority Director Benjy Thompson and Mr. Dan Bradley Jr. for help in obtaining a well withdrawal permit from the Environmental Protection Division.

Per the meeting minutes from February 2, 2016 (emphasis added)

Mr. Benjy Thompson, Executive Director of the Development Authority of Bulloch County, stated that Mr. Dan Bradley has attempted in previous years to market a 2,500 acre tract on SR 67 South of I-16 for industrial purposes and one of the challenges is utilities. Mr. Bradley is asking the County to assist in securing water without any financial obligation from the County at this point. He is proposing that the County sign as the applicant for the withdrawal permit. Mr. Couch stated the location provides for a marketable site for tax revenue generation and marketing of property.

Mr. Couch stated the location positives include: state route and interstate access, proximity to I-95 and the port, and relative distance to Bryan County. Mr. Couch stated the landowner is willing to deed the well site to the County for the purposes of building a well that would be mutually beneficial on the site. After some discussion, Commissioner Ethridge offered a motion to authorize the Groundwater Permit Application. Commissioner Mosley seconded the motion and it carried unanimously with Commissioner Gibson, Commissioner Thompson, Commissioner Rushing, Commissioner Mosley, Commissioner Simmons and Commissioner Ethridge all voting in favor of the motion.

Essentially, the application process for EPD would be paid for by Bradley Properties, LLC and should the permit be granted, land would be deeded to the county so that the county could facilitate the process of drilling the well and incur any costs associated with doing so. At the same time, Bulloch County would retain the water rights.

Additionally, AllOnGeorgia obtained the application, the letter from the engineering firm hired by Bradley Properties, LLC, and the letter to County Manager Tom Couch from the EPD. The documents indicate that the county is applying for the municipal well withdrawal permit, in the amount of gallons necessary for Mr. Bradley’s industrial park rezone request – 750,000 gallons per day – per the numbers submitted in the county developmental review.

Worth noting, the application sets a date of January 2017 for well drilling to begin.

County Administrator Tom Couch confirmed Monday afternoon that the county had applied for one of two parts of the application with the EPD. He said the county has not responded to the EPD’s July letter. Couch confirmed that ultimately, the county would have to decide whether or not they are interested in getting in the water business in that area of the county, something that could cost upwards of $1 million in infrastructure alone. Couch said, however, that no plans are in the works for that initiative at this time.

Also provided were documents from engineering firms on behalf of Mr. Bradley and his entities Bradley Properties, LLC and GA-16 LLC, indicating that the project dates back to 2013.

The EPD, who has not yet issued any type of permit on the parcel in question, was seeking legal advice on questions posed by AllOnGeorgia Monday and is expected to answer Tuesday morning. Check back for updates.

The meeting is set for Tuesday night at 5:30 P.M. at the County Annex.



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