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A Different Brooklet City Councilman Resigns

Another Brooklet Council member has resigned from his post, but this time the Mayor did not refuse to accept his decision.

Upon the call to order of the June council meeting, Brooklet City Councilman Russell Davis rose from his seat and requested to address the council. He walked to the front of the council table in front of a mostly empty room, offered his official Brooklet polo shirt to the Mayor, and said his resignation immediately.

Davis said he had “no comment for anyone” and left the building. Council members made no comment either.

Mayor William Hendrix asked for a motion to amend the agenda to place the resignation on the agenda so Council could vote to accept Davis’ resignation. The procedure is a stark contrast from what happened in May when Councilman Randy Newman resigned the morning after a council meeting he missed, but never took effect because his resignation was refused by the mayor.

Davis has been a vocal opponent of several council actions in recent months, including how officials hold executive sessions and how Planning & Zoning appointees were being managed. He and other members of council have had disputes in open meetings and during executive sessions where Davis has been seen stepping out to let discussions diffuse.

Davis was set to be up for re-election of November this year, but a separate special election will have to be held to fill the vacancy, per the city charter, unless council drags out the process until qualifying for the seat opens in August.

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