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3 Other Statesboro Businesses Disciplined Over Alcohol Violations

Three businesses were reprimanded for violating Statesboro’s code of ordinances on Wednesday evening as they appeared before Administrative Judge Tom Peterson on allegations of violating the city’s alcohol ordinance.

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The administrative hearings are supposed to take place every other month, according to the resolution passed by the Statesboro Council in the April, but the October 25 meeting was the first since June and the second set of hearings to take place this year. The resolution stipulated that the hearings will be held every other month on the last Wednesday of the month.

40 East Grill, Clyde’s, Parker’s, and GATA’s were all on the docket for allegations of alcohol violations, however, City Attorney Cain Smith negotiated joint recommendations with 40 East Grill, Clyde’s, and Parker’s. You can read about the complexities of GATA’s surrendering its Statesboro Alcohol License here.

Bryan Carter appeared on behalf of 40 East Grill on allegations of non-compliance with the alcohol ordinances for catered event permits. 40 East Grill is currently on probation from a consent order on April 26, 2017 on a previous violation. Carter acknowledged a breakdown in communication between the person hosting the event and 40 East Grill and Judge Peterson and Cain Smith agreed upon a 4-day license suspension and a $1,000 fine. Peterson allowed Carter to select the period of suspension, set for November 6-9, due to the fact that the establishment agreed to help the downtown events occurring before and after that time period. Peterson reiterated that a third offense in a 36-month period would carry a higher fine and a much longer suspension.

Clydes #37, on Fair Road, was charged with furnishing alcohol to a person under the age of 21. Sheila Pollett, a fifteen year employee and district manager for Bulloch County, appeared on behalf of Greg Woolard who was unable to appear on Wednesday. Pollett agreed to a $500 fine for Clydes with no suspension of the license as the June 17 incident was considered a first offense. The Clyde’s location had an additional violation on October 11, 2014, which is within the 36-month look back period for violations, but at the time was dismissed as a first offense warning and therefore does not count toward the tiered system. Pollett said the employee that furnished the alcohol is no longer employed by Clyde’s.

Parker’s convenience stores were also reprimanded for two incidents at two different locations, though no one appeared to refute the allegations. Legal counsel from Parker’s sent signed agreements acknowledging the incidents at the 301 and Veterans Memorial Parkway location and the Lanier Drive location. No suspension of alcohol licenses were attached but both were pressed with a $500 fine for the June 17 incidents. Judge Peterson set a 7-business day deadline for payment.

The next administrative hearing should take place in December.

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