14 years later, HSI agent from Georgia continues hunt for father’s killer

Regan Wheeler, was brutally gunned down in his driveway. 14 years later, there has still been no conviction of a guilty party, and a crippling lack of leads for authorities to pursue. 

DDS Receives New Grant Funding Dedicated to Teen Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program

ADAP is a course designed to increase awareness among teens of the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol and the consequences of operating a motor vehicle while impaired or distracted.

Georgia DNR Gets $7 Million to Assist with Hurricane Michael Remediation

Ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday, the Department of the Interior’s National Park Service announced $47.8 million in emergency supplemental assistance grants for the recovery and repair of historic resources in areas impacted in 2018 by Hurricanes Florence and Michael, as well as Typhoon Yutu.

Georgia Receives “A” for Anti-Human Trafficking Efforts

Georgia has been commended for its efforts to combat human trafficking. 

Georgia DNR Appoints New Chief of Fisheries

As chief, Litt’s responsibilities will include coordinating and managing the statewide fisheries program, development of fisheries management budget, and supervision of Georgia’s public fishing areas. Additionally, he will oversee the drafting of fishing regulations statewide.

REPORT: Ga has highest number of ‘high-hazard’ dams

The Peach State has the highest number of high-hazard dams, a status which means that the dams' failure could result deaths of a number of area residents and current operations pose a threat to thousands. 

Veterans Center in Ga Recognized by EPA with Green Challenge Award

The FGC is a voluntary, fiscal yearlong commitment under EPA's Sustainable Materials Management Program, in which participants focus on efficiently managing their resources to reduce the costs of building operations, maintenance, and supplies.

New DOJ Plan Announced to Reduce Gun Violence in Georgia, Nationwide

"Project Guardian" emphasizes enforcing gun prohibitions based on domestic violence convictions and mental health denials

Georgia Executes Cromartie After High Courts Deny Stay for Forensic DNA Testing

The State of Georgia executed death row inmate Ray Jefferson Cromartie late Wednesday night after the nation’s high court denied his 11th hour request for a stay in order to conduct forensic DNA testing he believed would exonerate him.

DOJ Awards ~$153 Million to Reduce Crime, Improve Public Safety in Georgia

Nearly $4.3 million will help law enforcement officials and victim service providers in the state investigate and prosecute human traffickers and aid human trafficking survivors.