COLUMN: Trump is reviving America’s Christian heritage

OPINION: "They have attacked us in the media, smeared our leaders and undermined our values through public policies designed to silence the voice of faith."

FAITH COLUMN: Is God’s love conditional, or is it unconditional?

OPINION: "If there were any conditions to God’s love, we couldn’t fulfill those conditions because we’re sinful (Romans 3:23)."

COLUMN: Sen. David Perdue has earned our vote by trusting us

OPINION: Stephen Allison, a senior advisor of Americans for Prosperity Action, talks about his support for Senator David Perdue.

An Open Letter to Attorney General Chris Carr

The following piece is an editorial column that reflects the views of the author and not necessarily those of AllOnGeorgia. Because of your appointment by...

COLUMN: In God We Trust.

OPINION: "There were no believers in any other faith present in either of these groups. We have been a Christian nation since the day of our beginning."

Who’s the real boss in Columbus?

  Who runs Columbus? Is it our elected mayor? Is it the CEO at Aflac … or TSYS … or Synovus? Is it the City Manager or a...

Column: Father’s Day reminds parents and children of the gift of family

I am at the desk in my office, surrounded by pictures of my family. To my right is a photo of Roxann, J.C. and me...

State Sen. Jack Hill: State Revenues Chugging Along

March revenues came in at a steady 2.2% net gain for the month, exclusive of the new fuel tax revenues which boosted the overall...

Column: Georgia’s Senate leadership fails child sex abuse victims

Georgia's Senate leadership was part of the willful process to ensure politics won over people. 

LIGON: Update from the Capitol: Week 7

"As Crossover Day approaches, the Senate got to work perfecting some of the biggest pieces of legislation of the year in committee and passing bills to address Medicaid Waivers, school safety and more on the Senate floor. Overall, we heard and passed 28 Senate and House bills on the floor this week, and next week is sure to be even busier."