Picture credit - Anthoney Marcell Green age 33 shot by Kingsland Police.

As the investigation of the officer-involved shooting in Kingsland continues, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the District Attorney have issued a press release with preliminary details as of 2:49 PM on Friday June 22.

The press release is in its entirety below:

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the District Attorney met with members of the family of Anthony Marcel Green today and briefed them on preliminary findings of the investigation.  Mr. Green is the deceased in an officer-involved shooting that occurred on June 20, 2018 in the city of Kingsland, a few blocks east of Highway 17.  The Officer involved in the Incident is Zechariah Presley, who has been placed on administrative leave by the Kingsland Police Department. 

The GBI has reviewed video from the Officer’s patrol car and video from the Officer’s body camera.  Efforts are being made to enhance the video to for a clearer view of the events that occurred.  In addition, the GBI is awaiting processing of evidence at the GBI Crime Lab in Savannah which includes autopsy findings.  The videotape, as well as other information about the case is not being released at this time because it may affect the ongoing investigation. 

The GBI is still interviewing witnesses and has not identified the passenger who fled from the vehicle Green was driving.  Anyone with information regarding the identity of the passenger is encouraged to contact the GBI Region 14 Office at (912) 729-6198.

AllOnGeorgia-Camden obtained the entire radio file of the incident involving Officer Presley and Tony Green –

The first 2 minutes of the call-in is when the foot chase occurs and the officer informs dispatch of his location. Later in the audio, you can hear dispatch saying the police were not giving much information.

Below the radio/audio file is a Call for Service Detail (CAD) listing all incidents and communications throughout the incident.

CAD - Green 2018-00036692
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