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Georgia Power Invites Georgians to Again Explore Its Parks and Lakes This Summer

As many Georgians plan summer vacations across the state, Georgia Power reminds visitors and customers of the recreational opportunities the company offers across Georgia right near home. As part of the company’s commitment to conservation and the outdoors, Georgia Power remains the largest non-governmental provider of public recreation in Georgia, maintaining and operating approximately 100,000 acres of land, 60,000 surface acres of water and more than 15 lake properties for years.

Get easy access to lakes and recreational facilities online
By visiting the Georgia Power lakes and recreation website at, Georgians can easily find spots to explore or relax outdoors at one of the company’s numerous recreational properties.

Through the company’s lakes and recreation website, visitors can:

  • Purchase Day Use or Annual Passes to any of the company’s lakes and recreation facilities. Many offer boating, fishing, swimming, picturesque scenery, hiking trails, picnic areas, pavilions and campgrounds. With a pass, visitors have access to these amenities and more.
  • Easily reserve a camping spot at their favorite Georgia Power lake or campground by picking the campground from a drop-down menu and selecting the dates to visit on the calendar. Availability and site amenities, such as electric service and water hookup, are shown for each campsite.
  • See an aerial view of the facility, allowing viewers to know exactly where the campsite or recreation is within the campground and in relation to amenities and activities such as parking, biking, fishing, hiking and scenic trails.

You can check out for more details around each lake’s offerings. For the latest on hours of operation, visit the Georgia Power lakes and recreation site.

The company’s lakes can be found across the state, including:

North Georgia

•  Lake Burton

•  Lake Rabun

•  Lake Seed

•  Lake Tugalo

•  Lake Yonah

• Tallulah Falls Lake

East Georgia

•  Lake Oconee

• Lake Sinclair

Central Georgia

•  Lake Jackson

•  Lake Juliette

West Georgia

•  Lake Harding

•  Goat Rock Lake

•  Lake Oliver

•  Lake North Highlands

•  Lake Worth

The company is also encouraging customers and lake visitors to remember water safety tips with the start of the Independence Day weekend. Drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death for children 1 to 4 years of age, according to the Georgia Department of Public Health and SPLASH, a longstanding Georgia Department of Natural Resources initiative supported by Georgia Power. Through public outreach, the organizations aim to greatly reduce the number of these deaths and injuries.

SPLASH encourages citizens to follow these tips when enjoying beaches, pools, lakes, rivers and other bodies of water:

  • Supervision – Designate an adult to watch children at all times. Do not assume someone else is watching.
  • Prevention – Wear personal flotation devices (PFD or life jacket), install fencing around pools, and use drain covers in pools.
  • Look before you leap – Never jump into water without knowing how deep it is and what is below the surface.
  • Arm’s Length – Adults should be arm’s length to children in water, and safety tools such as hooks should be nearby at all times.
  • Swim Lessons – Knowing how to swim greatly reduces the chance of drowning. Classes are often available through the Red Cross or YMCA.
  • Have a Water Safety Plan – Know what to do during an emergency

In addition to detailed information about all of Georgia Power’s properties, including the status of facilities and amenities, local attractions and water safety information, the Georgia Power lakes site also allows visitors to browse an interactive fish guide for each of the lakes and check current lake conditions. The site also provides additional water safety tips through its lake safety public service announcement on the Georgia Power YouTube Channel.

SOURCE Georgia Power

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