$7 Million Headed to Ga for Maternal, Infant Health

This program seeks to to provide voluntary, evidence-based home visiting services to women during pregnancy, and to parents with young children up to kindergarten entry.

CDC: Racial and Ethnic Disparities Continue in Pregnancy-Related Deaths

The CDC says Black, American Indian/Alaska Native women most affected

US to Purchase $170 Million in Smallpox Vaccines for Stockpiling

The US can purchase additional vaccine over the next 10 years, with a target of $2 billion in procurement and surge options for up to a total of nearly $2.8 billion.

CDC Awards New Funds to Stop Drug Overdoses, Deaths

$301 million in new Overdose Data to Action funds is headed to states and local jurisdictions.

Some Medicaid, Medicare Rules Suspended Due to Hurricane Dorian

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has announced efforts underway to support Georgia and South Carolina in response to Hurricane Dorian.

On Overdose Awareness Day: A Mother’s Grief, a Top Prosecutor’s Dire Warning and Photos...

According to law enforcement reports, the price of fentanyl in 2019 – whether in powder form and pill form – is declining, meaning that availability of both forms are is increasing in our community.
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EPA Considering Adding 20 Fairly Common Chemicals to Risk Evaluation List

The 20 proposed high-priority candidate chemicals include seven chlorinated solvents, six phthalates, four flame retardants, formaldehyde, a fragrance additive, and a polymer precursor.
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State Health Department Says It’s Eyeing Possible Vaping-Related Illnesses

In one week's time, the number of vaping-related cases reported to public health officials doubled while the CDC announcd its investigation into the first vaping-related death.
HPV vaccine (Photo: CDC)

CDC Says 92% of Cancers Caused by HPV Could be Prevented by Vaccine

“This new data shows 1 in 4 parents who received a medical recommendation for the HPV vaccine chose not to have their child vaccinated."

USDA Reiterates Poultry Washing Recommendations: It’s Risky

A study from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) reveals that individuals are putting themselves at risk of illness when they wash or rinse raw poultry.