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On the MAP – Episode 3 – Aaron Tanner & Terry Richardson

On the Map - Music Podcast

Today’s podcast features independent traditional country artist Aaron Tanner, along with his manager and Grand Ole Opry member, Terry Richardson. Aaron has won awards in songwriting and performing, and writes prolifically in the styles of country, bluegrass, gospel, while blending the genres and inspiring a message of hope, love, honor, and family. Join us today & get to know Aaron as we introduce him here at “On the MAP”.

About On the Map

“On The MAP” is a podcast produced by Music Artist Pipeline and MAP Studios. As one of the fastest growing and most prolific music studios in Georgia, Music Artist Pipeline (MAP) is dedicated to artistic success and creativity. “On The MAP” is a podcast born out of a desire to promote not only music and musicians in Georgia, but all over the world. “On The MAP” will feature interviews with artists from all genres, as well as discussions with industry pros, legendary producers, and a host of other creative individuals. Sit back and enjoy as we feature brand new artists, established pros, and everything in-between. Music Artist Pipeline – We put YOU on the MAP!

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