State is considering changing shark fishing regulations

One regulation would be a change to a fishing standard while the second would be a complete prohibition of fishing one species.

Agencies Respond to Pilot Whale Stranding at St. Catherines

Why the whales beached themselves isn’t known. Necropsies, or animal autopsies, are being done to assess what the animals’ health condition had been and to search for possible clues to the stranding.

MAP MONDAY: The Best & Worst States for Teachers

The National Education Association reports that about a fifth of all public-school teachers leave their positions within three years and almost half depart before they hit the five year mark. What contributes to those decisions?

98-Year-Old Georgia Veteran Airman Receives Prisoner of War Medal

He was held as a prisoner of war for almost a year until the camp where he was being held was liberated in April 1945. He retired in 1966 after serving for more than two decades.

Georgia Nurse’s Poem Goes Viral

A Georgia nurse recently shared a poem she had written on Facebook only for it to be shared over 17k times. Why? Amy Queen has been an RN since 2010. Amy has worked many areas, but her specialty is critical care, both ICU an ER, but she says ER has always been her favorite...

Archery Deer Hunting Season Opens Sat. Sept. 14

Last year, 80,000 archery hunters harvested almost 48,000 deer.

‘Every Kid Outdoors’ Program Provides 4th Graders with Free Entrance to Public Lands

4th graders ANYWHERE in the country can download a voucher to visit more than 2,000 federal recreation areas with their families, classmates, and friends...for FREE! #Explore #PublicLands

Man Sets New State Record with Monstrous Alligator

The gator needed five people to reel in, topping 700 pounds and official measurements of 14 feet and 1 3/4 inches.

2 New Thrill Rides Coming to Six Flags Over Ga

The Thrill Capital of the South— introduces two new villainous thrill rides are spinning into Six Flags Over Georgia in 2020. Catwoman Whip and...

Three Resources Added to the National Register of Historic Places

Three resources were recently added to the National Register of Historic Places.  The National Register of Historic Places is our country's official list of historic...