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GNTC Neuromuscular Therapy students provide treatment to cancer patients

Students from Georgia Northwestern Technical College’s (GNTC) Neuromuscular Therapy program recently participated in an Oncology Massage Therapy Clinic to provide safe, effective treatment to cancer patients and people with cancer histories.

12 Million Pounds Of Tyson Chicken Strips Recalled

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service said Saturday that at least six complaints have been filed with regard to metal in the chicken strips. Three of those were injured. 

Govt-backed Study Says “13 Reasons Why” Series Associated with Increase in Suicides

“13 Reasons Why” is a Netflix series that tells the story of a young girl who kills herself and leaves behind a series of 13 tapes detailing the reasons why she chose to end her life. It has yielded criticism from mental health professionals who say it wrongly portrays the impacts of suicide.

1 in 3 swimming-related disease outbreaks occur at hotels

Crypto parasite continues to cause most outbreaks and illnesses linked to pools and water playgrounds A third of treated recreational waterborne disease outbreaks during 2000...

Recall announced for infant Ibuprofen suspensions

Voluntary recall issued for infant Ibuprophen suspensions.

Georgia Flu Numbers Are Down But Not By Much

The number of flu-related deaths in Georgia hovers at 7.

Trump Administration Proposes to Lower Drug Costs by Targeting Backdoor Rebates and Encouraging Direct...

"The current rebate-driven system is part of an unacceptable status quo characterized by high prices and backdoor deals. It creates three main problems for patients."

VA 3D printing proves more useful for shoulder-surgery planning than current visualization methods

3D printing at VA is more useful for orthopedic surgeons in planning shoulder replacement surgery than current approache

Camden on Georgia DPH’s County-by-County Zika List

The Georgia Department of Public Health recently updated their confirmed Zika cases on the state agency website. Since January of 2016, 114 cases of Zika...

No Rural Hospital Makes Georgia’s ‘Top 14 Hospitals’ List

None of Georgia's hospitals outside of metro areas made the most recent Top 15 list, according to U.S. News' 'Best Regional Hospitals' list.