Walker County residents will have another opportunity to offer input on improvements they would like made to the county’s Animal Control ordinance.  A second public input session will be held on Tuesday, May 1st at 6 p.m. at the Walker County Civic Center in Rock Spring.

About 80 people attended the county’s first public input session in January, before work began to update the ordinance that addresses the welfare of dogs and cats in our community.  Suggestions from the first meeting included making owners responsible for not securing their dogs, limiting the number of animals allowed in residential areas and changing the rabies vaccination rule to recognize the three-year shot.

Walker County leaders reviewed suggestions from the meeting, feedback submitted online and best practices in other communities to draft a comprehensive Animal Control ordinance proposal.  While the draft continues to be reviewed internally, it will be released publicly on the county’s website (walkercountyga.gov) by April 23rd.

Following the May 1st public input session, formal public hearings will take place on May 10th and May 24th at 6 p.m. prior to the Commissioner’s regular scheduled meetings.

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  1. Whitfield County passed a law that was specifically aimed at one person who was selling dogs & puppies on the side of the road. It was selectively enforced, of course, and hurt many other people who were trying to make an honest living by selling puppies at Flea Markets. It didn’t stop the mostly illegal aliens from breaking the law at every opportunity?

    It seems that the people who complain and want laws passed are the same ones who can afford to buy expensive dogs or who assume that they know better what other people should do with their lives and animals. Laws do not make people treat their animals better, because anyone who abuses their animals will abuse them law or no law. When laws stop people from abusing their children, then we can pass more laws about abusing animals.

    As someone who worked with several vets, I have seen abused animals and it is heart-breaking, but we already have laws for that, right? One good thing that I have heard is the 3 years Rabies vaccine. It should be legally acceptable in the case of someone being bitten by a dog, because I have done titers in a lab and know that the Rabies vaccine actually lasts over 7 years.


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