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Mexico starts to deport 98 migrants after border rush

Mexican immigration authorities initiated the deportation process for 98 Central American caravan migrants who recently rushed an international port of entry in Tijuana.

The country of Mexico is processing the deportation of 98 migrants who were part of the caravan that rushed the U.S. Southern border.

Mexican immigration authorities are sending back 98 Central American migrants who rushed the border at the port of entry near Tijuana. Mexican authorities claim these migrants are responsible for the U.S. government for triggering crowd control tactics at the U.S. southern border. In addition, these 98 migrants tried to attack police officers.

The following is a statement from Mexico’s National Migration Institute (INM) –

The Ministry of the Interior, through the National Institute of Migration (INM), reports that 98 foreigners were placed at the disposal of the corresponding authorities to be deported to their countries of origin, derived from the violent behavior of a group of migrants who tried to attack and to injure Federal Migration Agents and Federal Police that protected the border area of the Mexico-United States pass, in the El Chaparral port.
As reported, articles 115, 143 and 144, fourth section of the Migration Law, establish that the INM has the mechanisms of assisted return and deportation to leave that foreigner who violates the provisions contained in the national territory. law in the matter.
The National Institute of Migration will maintain a close coordination with the authorities of the three levels of government to detect the cause that caused the migrants to cross illegally to the United States and will reinforce the Mexican border with elements of the Federal Police.
In adherence to the unrestricted fulfillment of the Migration Law, to safeguard and respect the human rights of migrants in their passage through national territory, the INM together with the COMAR (Mexican Commission for Refugee Aid) and with the accompaniment of UNHCR , has offered permanently to foreigners who entered the national territory through various caravans, apply for the benefit of the refuge and, with it, be able to obtain legal and remunerated employment in Mexican territory.
In addition, it remains attentive to the investigations carried out by the corresponding authorities to find more involved in the events recorded last Sunday, 25 and, subsequently, if appropriate, carry out their immediate deportation.
The National Migration Institute reaffirms its commitment to safeguard the human rights of all foreigners who transit through the national territory and to comply with and enforce the migration law and its regulations.

The 98 deportations are far fewer than the original 500 the Mexican government previously promised.


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  1. Nelda Smith

    November 28, 2018 at 7:17 pm

    My friend in Tijuana said the cab drivers in Tijuana volunteered to take the hordes to the airport if they would go back to their own countries…I’m not sure who is supplying plane fare, but , the people of Tijuana are working to get them out of Mexico. Paloma said they (citizens of Tijuana) had spoke to the less violent of the horde and offered to help them get back to their countries…for those that said they would go back the Tijuana Citizens are feeding them and supplying free cab rides to the airport. I’m not sure The Mexican Government has any part in helping get the invading horde out of Tijuana and back to their own countries. I would think the Sponsors of this “Caravan Invasion” in The USA (like George Soros , Robert “Beto” O’Rourk and the Red Cross , etc., ) would help fund their trips back to their homes.

  2. Nelda Smith

    November 28, 2018 at 7:24 pm

    The Globalist Sponsors who formed and paid for these “invading hordes” should be responsible for returning these people back to their countries / homes. The “Sponsors” responsible for these “caravans” are warring monsters who used these people , made promises they had no intention of keeping and then abandoned them in a foreign land ….

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